Welcome to the English Intern Program at California State University Northridge


Welcome to the English Intern Program

Department of English
California State University Northridge

Welcome to the English Intern Program at CSUN, an award-winning pair of courses that provides both the training and the experience needed to begin a professional writing career. The year-long program is comprised of a semester writing course, Writing for the Professions, and a semester internship.The course and the internship together offer a proven and powerful gateway into the working world.Graduates of the EIP are working as writers and editors at interactive multimedia companies, banks, computer software and hardware firms, and motion picture production houses.

The writing course, English 407, is a rigorous training ground where student writers complete real-world assignments on the tight deadlines common in the workplace. Students learn how to use a valuable set of problem-solving tools called heuristics. Heuristics don't deal with specific situations, but rather, use logical approaches to tackle many different writing tasks. Former students who now work as writers and editors say that they find these problem-solving strategies useful on a daily basis.

The Internship, English 494EIP, can open doors for hardworking interns. The writing world is surprisingly small--students often meet mentors and make valuable contacts that continue long after the internship ends. Employers hire program graduates based on experience gained by the students during internships, and the tangible evidence of that experience--the portfolios.

Explore our Web site to to learn more about the Program and its components. Why not start with the Questions & Answers sections below, called The Training and The Experience.. There is also an Overview of the writing course with specific information about requirements, grades, and texts. And don't forget to bookmark Essential Links for Writers, where you'll find some of the best writing resources on the Web.

The Training
English 407:
Writing for the Professions

 The Experience
English 494EIP:
The Internship

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English Intern Program
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