William Butler Yeats

image: Yeats William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

Graduate Seminar, Fall 2002 (English 620M)

Instructor: Warren Wedin, Sierra Tower 730

Phone: 677-3418 or 677-3431

Email: warren.wedin@csun.edu

Office Hours: Tues and Thurs, 12:45-1:45; Tues and Wed, 5:45-6:45

This seminar will present an intensive and extensive study of Yeats's poetry, plays, and selected prose, using the 2nd revised edition of the Collected Poems, Mythologies, and special editions of Thirteen Plays and A Vision. We will examine Yeats's interest in and use of Irish myth and folklore, French Symbolist poetry, imagism, and the apocalyptic imagery of the Tarot, the Hermetic Students of the Golden Dawn, and other occult systems. Course work will include class discussion, reports, a ten page background paper, and a twenty page seminar paper on a specific volume of poetry.

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Warren Wedin <warren.wedin@csun.edu>
Department of English
California State University, Northridge
August 13, 2002