Baci Baci Baci

Angel's Flight, Vol. 4.1 (1979)

Rachel Sherwood

A garden
late spring, honeysuckle and lazy birds
heavy with the round scent
of tuberoses and jungle gardenia

There is a man
in boots that make his calves
look lethal
with a whip, no spurs
medieval sorrow in his eyes
or around the mouth, maybe.
	"He is dangerous:
	in this place he has
	the fertility of steel."

There is a woman
in a vine-green habit
her veins purple, her blue
eyes.  She is blonde
though sometimes brunette:
	"My horse is lamed
	I was riding, I . . ."

And--still in the heavy air
they push each other down
like dogs with fleas
under the bushes, in them

The camera pans to the nearest tree
the cat approaches like a panther.
She is also in boots
like an empress
who loves horses.
The man puts on spurs:
there is combat
	his knightly despair
	her deathly power.

The witch burns, finally--
the lamed horse returns.

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