After the Sparrow Fell

Angel's Flight, Vol. 1.1 (1976)

Rachel Sherwood

Oh, this is nothing new, these several
Bodies strewn about the room;
I have seen it elsewhere, and here, before.
I am not shocked--training prevents it
And allows only pained expression when it
Suits those higher up.

These huge trees, oak or firs, whatever
Breath their sight takes from you,
Are easily cracked, felled, carted off for
Fine-carved castle doors, monuments to majesty.
The dogwood bends more easily and, though not remarked,
Manages to (speaking practically) survive uncut.

The scholar, in this confusion, must welcome
The King of Norway to an unsightly mess.  He must
Explain, sign papers, consign succession.
I'll agree with Norway on the weather and his choice of
Colored cloth--God knows it won't suit him.
A change of scene is needed.  (Exeunt)

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