His Vision

Angel's Flight, Vol. 3.1 (1978)

Richard Rosing

He had a vision of how it would be
There would be a fireplace, an ocean
nearby through a large dark window
They would be older and look per-
fectly affluent  She would lie on
a long sofa, her head in his lap
turned away toward the window
He would stroke her long hair, as
dark as the night outside
They wouldn't have to speak by then
Perhaps they had children, away some-
where  He didn't care about their
individual natures  It suited him
that they were hers and that she
lay there having had them by him
She was still incredibly slim
wearing long black slacks, a turtle-
neck sweater  He envisioned no pain
They would be perfectly happy
perfectly silent, alone
He would fix his eyes on a point
in the rug and watch the firelight
shake the room

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