Autumn Farewell (Athens, Oct. 1963)

Eclipse (1965)

Lewis Kruglick

(I have taken copper candlesticks
and checkered tablecloths
for my eyes.)

I waited two hours
in the kafenion
with Athens and purple clouds,
the lace veil of autumn,
and sounds of the lottery sellers
shouting, "I have."

The brandy was warm in my mouth
hearing his footsteps
of small comboloi beads
striking concrete.

(I have taken mint vases
and rusted coins
for my shelf.)

"I am leaving tomorrow,"
my voice was hurried
and the girls' thighs damp
on Lycavetos.

Later we walked home
the first roasted chestnuts of October
filling our hands.

(I have taken violet islands
and white cities
for my book.)

We listened to jazz and bouzouki
comparing the length of the tone
of our lands.

"Autumn is best for remembering," he said,
and slowly a rider came
topping the trees
with the wind in his feet.

The sky opens its legs
and I enter,
the rain is gray.

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