The History of Cocoa

Angel's Flight, Vol. 7.2 (1982)

Charles Hood

It is suicide to be abroad.  But what is it
to be at home, Mr. Tyler, what is it to be at home?
A lingering dissolution.  Now we are white
with dust from head to foot.		--Beckett

A strange dandruff.
The Ice Age swept up the street like a bulldozer;
hordes of penguins toppled ashore on Guernsey,
the Isle of Man, Corfu, chequering the beaches
and obstructing skiing.  Tanks and jeeps
froze together like stiff turds.
Udders sagged with ice cream.
TV trays, the seats of folding
chairs, wash tubs, and
small windows
all made excellent sleds.
Record amounts of hot chocolate mix
were sold.

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