The Masked Ball

Northridge Review, Vol. 2.2 (1984)

Greg Boyd

Someone in red heels and nails dances past, giggling
through the snout of a pig.  A wolf bows and whispers in
her ear, offers a white-gloved hand.  Glasses, nose, and
moustache forgets to laugh when he spills a drink on his
tight pants.  Sequins and cat whiskers wishes she had
taken dance lessons and lost weight.  The band affects a
pirate crew with eye patches.  Children peek down from
the stairs, mice in white pyjamas, up past their bed-time.
Their parents, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, aren't speak-
	Out back a plump Wonder Woman skinny dips in
the swimming pool.  Franken-stein strips and joins her,
uncovering a monstrous secret.  A bald Superman passes
out by the bushes.  Batman and Robin lock themselves in
the bathroom.  Dracula waits his turn.
	Somewhere in the black tub of lights below the hills
of Hollywood, the Keystone Cops are cruising.

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