The Best Fiction and Poetry from
California State University, Northridge: 1962-1988

Edited by Warren Wedin


20 September 1995
Historical Introduction The Best(1988) Warren Wedin Sierra Tower Photo and the Kennedy Assassination The Best(1995) Warren Wedin


Thursday's Child Eclipse(1962) Price Hicks The Dollar Bill Eclipse(1964) Michael Burrs Planes, Ships, and People Eclipse(1966) Hugo Luis Stanchi Mady Lou A Bao A Qu(1973) Carol Stager The Victim Angel's Flight(1978) Donna Beckman The Day We Glued the Birdbath Angel's Flight(1980) Carol Stager Digging to China Angel's Flight(1982) David Lipton The End of the Pier Angel's Flight(1982) Amy Reynolds One Evening in Winter Northridge Review(1983) Scott Memmer Trust Northridge Review(1983) Mona Houghton On Leave Northridge Review(1985) Wes Hempel The Burning Monk Northridge Review(1986) Mark Mann Flying Northridge Review(1987) Judy Duke You Are Here Northridge Review(1987) Amy Gonzales Paris in '73 Northridge Review(1988) Grant Cogswell Trapped in the Heart Northridge Review(1988) Mona Houghton


White Man's Magic Eclipse(1962) Larry Travis Supplication Eclipse(1963) June Demetry Vaudeville Eclipse(1963) S. T. Clendenning The Length of Insight Eclipse(1965) Paul Thomas Autumn Farewell (Athens, Oct. 1963) Eclipse(1965) Lewis Kruglick With Tea and Lemons Eclipse(1966) Helen Sorrells Invitation Engraved on Sunlight Eclipse(1966) Helen Sorrells It Is Reason Enough Eclipse(1966) Lewis Kruglick Winter Solstice at St. Paul de Vence Eclipse(1966) Lewis Kruglick "At 5:30 P.M. Will Be a Re-Enactment" Eclipse(1966) Robin Johnson Lea's Poet Eclipse(1967) Gayle Gray Candy Man Eclipse(1967) Annette Kanter Home Eclipse(1968) David W. Jackson Colors Eclipse(1968) G. Guss Unfinished Plays Artifax(1971) Rose Shade For the Year Artifax(1971) Keith Brown A Rite of Spring Artifax(1971) Rose Shade Puritan Woman Artifax(1971) Rose Shade Depressions of a Two-World Lady Artifax(1971) Carole Beck Sunspot Artifax(1971) Martin Levy The Injured Slopes Artifax(1971) Sheldon White Canyon Fever Artifax(1972) Carole Beck Early Winter Artifax(1972) Chris Cannady Fisherman's Wharf Artifax(1972) Chris Cannady Images All Of It(1972) Robb Dow Game with Variations All Of It(1972) Nancy Shiffrin Too Many Dancers Artifax(1973) Sheldon White The Animal Artifax(1973) Margaret Bratcher My Father A Bao A Qu(1973) Diane Hannum After the Sparrow Fell Angel's Flight(1976) Rachel Sherwood Hardening Angel's Flight(1976) Martin Levy I Loved Him One Night Angel's Flight(1976) Royce Kaplan Hacker's Complaint to Blind Hugh of Onan Angel's Flight(1977) Terry Phillips His Vision Angel's Flight(1978) Richard Rosing Birds, Frogs, Hogs, You, Me Angel's Flight(1978) Carol Stager Wedding Night Angel's Flight(1978) David Trinidad Premonition Angel's Flight(1978) Rachel Sherwood Without Title (II) from Li Shang-Yin Angel's Flight(1979) Gary Routh Waiting Angel's Flight(1979) Sharon Smith Mysteries of Afternoon and Evening Angel's Flight(1979) Rachel Sherwood Baci Baci Baci Angel's Flight(1979) Rachel Sherwood Scholar Angel's Flight(1979) David Trinidad Soliloquy Angel's Flight(1979) Linda Haffey The Woman About to Be Sawed in Half Angel's Flight(1980) Greg Boyd Leaning into Curves Angel's Flight(1980) Keith Brown Laughter of a Drunk Angel's Flight(1980) Martin Levy Protégée Angel's Flight(1980) Frances Wolf Walton's Thumb Angel's Flight(1980) Terence Martin The World in the Evening Angel's Flight(1980) Rachel Sherwood 3 A.M. Angel's Flight(1980) Donna Beckman 6 A.M. Angel's Flight(1981) Donna Beckman The Drowning Angel's Flight(1981) Jodi Johnson The History of Cocoa Angel's Flight(1982) Charles Hood The Missing Person Angel's Flight(1982) Amy Reynolds The Visit Angel's Flight(1982) Margaret Lavin Pier Angel's Flight(1982) Bridget O'Mara A Mother's Death Northridge Review(1983) Jodi Johnson Grandma Turns 93 Northridge Review(1983) Mike Lawson A Plantation Legend Northridge Review(1983) Ricardo Means-Ybarra Rafael Northridge Review(1983) Ricardo Means-Ybarra A Boy Whose Hands Were a Language Northridge Review(1983) Nicholas Campbell White Cat Hit by a Car Northridge Review(1983) Jodi Johnson Still December Maryland Northridge Review(1984) Ron Pronk Hiking in the Grand Canyon Northridge Review(1984) Jodi Johnson #1 Northridge Review(1984) Ricardo Means-Ybarra Class Notes:Intro to Physical Anthropology Northridge Review(1984) Cathy Comenas Follansbee Northridge Review(1984) Nicholas Campbell The Masked Ball Northridge Review(1984) Greg Boyd Grandma's Purse Northridge Review(1985) Doug Lawrence Janene Sixteen Northridge Review(1985) Cathy Comenas Divorce Northridge Review(1985) Marlene Pearson Beautiful Men I've Known Northridge Review(1985) Laura Webster I Am Asking You to Trust My Memory-Wheel Northridge Review(1985) Jordan Jones El Monte, California Northridge Review(1985) Wes Hempel Strike III Northridge Review(1986) Brian Skinner With My Family on Memorial Day Northridge Review(1986) Wes Hempel In Bed Northridge Review(1986) Jodi Johnson After the Divorce Northridge Review(1986) Ricardo Means-Ybarra Eulogy for a Space Shuttle Northridge Review(1986) Virginia Webster Orange Bags on the Freeway Northridge Review(1986) Marlene Pearson Woods from the Trees Northridge Review(1987) Nicholas Campbell A Winter Scarecrow Northridge Review(1987) Nicholas Campbell At the Nursery Northridge Review(1987) Margaret Ritchie Pears Northridge Review(1987) Suzanne Ghiglia Clan Northridge Review(1987) Mary Harris Meat Northridge Review(1988) Patti Scheibel Mari's Backyard Northridge Review(1988) Cathy Comenas Summer School Northridge Review(1988) Nicholas Campbell Love Poem Northridge Review(1988) Jennifer Wolfe Submersion Northridge Review(1988) Patti Scheibel The White Temple Northridge Review(1988) Jennifer Wolfe Passing Away Northridge Review(1988) Herman Fong Miles Away, to My Friend Northridge Review(1988) Herman Fong

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