6 A.M.

Angel's Flight, Vol. 6.1 (1981)

Donna Beckman

In spite of the omens to the contrary
in spite of the noises conspiring to drive me insane
in spite of the terror eating at me like vicious acid
the night is over
the day has come.

In this time, in another time
horses clomp tiled streets
delivering milk to the households
rising fresh from sleep
newspapers slap against the porch
birds warmed to song announce the day
and put to rest the lingering shadows of night.

I do not rise to skim the thick cream 
from the top of the bottle,
read news among cornflakes, dogs, and children
scrubbed and eager.

I am grateful merely that the light has come,
that others are awake at last,
that I can retire as guardian of the night 
to walk with ordinary people
and drown my thoughts
in the noise of my small actions.

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