Novel Analysis

Using your initial class essay, develop your ideas more fully and completely, assuming readers from future 1B classes. Your readers, then, will have read a number of the same short stories, will have also read Le Guin's critical article, and will have watched The Matrix, but might not have read your particular novel. So while it may be safe to assume they have understood the "gist" of the common materials, they also might benefit from your closer analysis. You might also spark an interest in others to actually read your novel if they have not done so before. You are not, however, required to give an extended plot summary.

Further Topic Suggestions:

If, upon reflection, you do not like the topic you chose to write about in class, feel free to change your topic. Constraints are: you must use your novel and The Matrix in some intelligent fashion

Final draft will be 5-6 pages, double spaced in MLA format with a works cited page.

Due dates:

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