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Argentina Spanish Learning Centre (C.S.D.L.C.). Located in downtown Buenos Aires, C.E.D.I.C. offers courses for all levels. The Center can help arrange accomodations in student residences, Argentine homes or hotels. There are social activities for students of all ages which include visits to museums, artistic events, and city districts. Opportunity for contact with argentine students is available.

Argentum. A Study Abroad Program located at Universidad Blas Pascal in Córdoba, Argentina. The school offers these programs: Full Immersion, Semester program, Full-year program, Intensive program, and Individual tutors. Also available are homestays and student apartments.

COINED Argentina. The school has two locations: Buenos Aires and Córdoba. Spanish languages courses, Internships, and Study Trips are available.

Colegio Argentino. COLEGIO ARGENTINO, brings students from all over the world to San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina giving them an "Argentine experience". Students learn about the argentine culture through Spanish classes, daily activities, and staying with argentine families.

Daniela Wasser Capacitacion en Idiomas (DW Language Training.) The company located in Buenos Aires specializes in Spanish language training for business executives and their families as well as Immersion programs for business personnel who need Spanish for work reasons.

Argentina I.L.E,E. A Spanish language school dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Patagonia. Social-cultural activities are also available. I.L.E.E. can help arrange accommodations in Argentine middle-class homes.

ISEBA. ISEBA (Intensive Spanish Educators Buenos Aires) is located in the downtown area in the heart of the city. Group lessons and private instruction for all levels are available as well as a special one-week Spanish for Travelers course which begins each Monday. Housing is provided with Argentinian families. Throughout the week, various cultural activities are planned ranging from tours to tango shows and museum visits to wine-tastings.

Learn Spanish a directory of schools: Argentina. Additional links to Spanish language schools in several areas of Argentina.

Patagonia Idioma Español. Patagonia Idioma Español is located in Bariloche, Argentina and offers intensive Spanish language courses, for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. These are supplemented with outside activities such as: shopping in town, visiting the Patagonia Museum, local library, Post Office,Tourist Office, Town Hall, art exhibitions, cultural events, and interviewing professionals, artists and business people. Accomodations and excursions are available.

Spanish Language Schools in Argentina. Links to more than 10 Spanish language schools located in Buenos Aires, Córdova, and Mendoza.

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Casa de José Antonio. The school, located in La Paz, offers intensive Spanish in small classes or individualized instruction.

Runawasi-Mamore Language School. Runawasi-Mamore language schools operate in Cochabamba and in Santa Ana del Yacuma. The schools features one teacher for each student and offers all levels of Spanish instruction. Available are accomodations and optional excursions.

Study Abroad Links (Bolivia). The site provides a directory of Spanish language schools and immersion programs for learning Spanish in Bolivia including La Paz and Sucre.

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Escuela de idiomas Violeta Parra. This Spanish-Language-School is located in the heart of the colorful bohemian district of Bellavista, in the center of Santiago. It offers individualized programs and personalized attention for all levels. Small groups, fieldtrips, one-to-one immersion, weekend excursions, Tandem language exchange service, and homestays are featured.

La Casita Spanish School Located in Pucon in the heart of Chile's Lake District, the school offers 15 hours per week of instruction. Students find numerous activities out of class such as rafting, bathing in hot springs, hiking, and tasting the Chilean night life.

Linguatec in Chile. Intensive Spanish language training for international students, visitors, and executives.

Newen Escuela de Español (Santiago). "Newen" means "universe energy" in mapuchedungun, native language of Chile. Classes (maximum of three students) start every Monday at four different proficiency levels and include field trips, Chilean, Spanish and Latin American movies, song listening, news reading, and games. The school will also help interested students contact organizations, institutions and various groups dedicated to community and ecological activities.

San Andrés Language School (Santiago). The school offers four levels of Spanish from beginner to advanced. Homestays and cultural activities are available. The school also provides the opportunity for professionals in various fields to learn the technical terminology of their subjects and to visit and interview fellow Chilean professionals.

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PEPE Columbia. Three hours of morning classroom activity per day in Bogota followed by out of classroom activities. These might include a hike, a city tour, a concert, or a conference. PEPE also offers short-term volunteer opportunities for up to six months.

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Costa Rica

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Academia Tica de Español. Academia Tica is located within the San Jose suburb of Guadalupe, just 10 minutes away from San Jose and the quaint town of Moravia. Lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced students are given individually or in small groups (2-5 students).

Ad Astra Languages Institute, Moravia, Costa Rica. Flexible Spanish language programs designed for people of all ages and professions near the Costa Rican capital of San José.

Asesoría Gerencial. Programs offered include: Intensive Spanish Language Training, U.S. College & University Sponsored Programs, Central America Semester Abroad, Internship Programs, and International Career Enhancement Programs.

Central American Institute for International Affairs, San José, Costa Rica (ICAI) Total immersion Spanish language programs which begin every Monday.

Centro Lingüístico Conversa, San José, Costa Rica. Range of intensive Spanish language programs.

Centro Panamericano de Idiomas, Heredia, Costa Rica. Specializes in Spanish as a second language for foreigners.

Comunicare A non-profit association dedicated to teaching Spanish as a second language. Offers weekly programs.

Costa Rican Language Academy and Latin Dance School. Programs offer students the opportunity to discover Costa Rican culture first hand. These programs include: homestays with carefully selected Costa Rican families, afternoon latindance and Costa Rican cooking classes, latin music & conversation "Hour", 24 hour airport transportation, excursions and cultural activities. Courses offered year-round.

CPI. CPI is a family owned, community oriented Spanish language school. When students attend CPI, they can do more than learn Spanish. They can play an active role in the development of two different Costa Rican communities: Heredia and Monteverde.

El Instituto Profesional de Español Para Extranjeros (IPEE), San José, Costa Rica. Features Spanish immersion programs including courses for teachers.

Escuela Idiomas D'Amore Spanish immersion programs adjacent to Manuel Antonio National Park on the beaches of Costa Rica's Pacific Ocean. Most students participate in the month program, although two and three week courses are also available.

Forester Instituto Internacional in San José, Costa Rica.Learn Spanish and participate in cultural activities in Costa Rica's capital city.

ICADS. Spanish immersion, internships, and research programs. Credit and non-credit.

Ilisa Instituto de Idiomas, San José, Costa Rica. Tailors courses to fit individual needs.

Instituto Británico. The Instituto Britanico Ltda. is a private and independent language school organized on the British system for the teaching of Spanish and English. Offers students at all levels the opportunity to study the Spanish language while learning about local traditions and values through homestays with Costa Rican families. Offers two sites for study: the main campus in San Jose and a regional centre in Liberia, Guanacaste, in northwestern Costa Rica, near the Pacific coast.

Instituto de Cultura y Lengua Costarricense. The institute is located 10 minutes by bus outside of Alajuela (15 miles west of San José, the capital of Costa Rica). All levels of language instruction, host families, extracurricular activities and excursions are available.

Instituto de Lenguaje Pura Vida. Instituto de Lenguaje "Pura Vida" is located in Heredia, a small peaceful community just six miles from the Capital of San Jose. The Institute encourages families and offers children's classes and day care for smaller children while parents are in class.

Instituto Universal de Idiomas. Founded in 1981, programs vary from three days to four weeks.

Intercultura Costa Rica. This Spanish language school, whose main campus is located in Heredia with a Sámara Beach campus on the Pacific Ocean, offers a series of 16 courses and four hours of class activity each week day. Cultural activities and homestays are available.

Modern Language Studies Abroad (MLSA) Universidad de Costa Rica Summer Program. The program is designed for undergraduate, graduate students, teachers, and high school graduates. Features homestay with a Costa Rican family, cultural activities, and optional excursions.

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Dominican Rep.

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ABT Language Services. ABT Language Services works with Spanish language schools in Santo Domingo and Sosua. They provide courses for various levels of proficiency, accomodations, and cultural activities.

Hispaniola. Hispaniola Spanish language school offers Spanish language courses from January to November in Santo Domingo, the Capital of the Dominican Republic. The school organizes a large variety of cultural and leisure activities on a regular basis. Hotel, apartment and family living stays may be arranged.

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Academia de Español Equinoccial Located in Quito, the school features one-to-one instruction for beginners through advanced. Airport pickup at no additional cost.

Academia de Espñol Surpacífico The school is situated in the city of Manta on a beach on the coast of Ecuador, 390 Km. (30 minutes by plane) from the capital of Quito. One-on-one instruction, classes beginning every day of the week, all levels including beginners are welcome.

Academia Latinoamericana de Español, Quito, Ecuador. Intensive Spanish language course. Recommendations from previous students.

American Spanish School. Courses in QUITO, BAÑOS, CUENCA, the JUNGLE and the BEACH.

APF Languages. APF Languages offers a variety of programs in Quito and Manta. Programs include airport pickup, cultural activities, and homestays.

Centro de Estudios Interamericanos, Cuenca, Ecuador. Co-sponsored with Augustana College, program is designed to provide language study and a cultural experience during the summer of 1996.

Colonial Spanish School. The Colonial Spanish School is an Ecuadorian-European co-operative venture. Students may opt to study in any one of the various regions of Ecuador where the school has branches.

Cumbre Andina Spanish School, Quito. The Spanish Institute CUMBRE ANDINA, recognized by the Ministery of Education, is situated in the modern part of Quito in the heart of the city near the famous Avenida Amazonas. One-to-one courses as well as courses in small groups are offered.

Galapagos Spanish School in Quito, Ecuador. Intensive Spanish language courses at 10 levels throughout the year. Optional weekly excursions in and around Quito.

Hosteria La Cienega Hosteria La Cienega is one of Ecuador's oldest colonial haciendas. Situated 74 km south of Quito near the slopes of the majestic Cotopaxi volcano and its National Park. Spanish classes with a qualified and experienced teacher are available.

Partnership for Service Learning (PSL), Guayaquil and Quito, Ecuador. Offers semester, summer or academic year programs in Guayaquil; semester or year programs in Quito.

Pichincha Spanish School, Quito, Ecuador. The student and instructor plan and implement the instruction together. All levels of Spanish fluency represented. The school offers excursions at the end of each month.

Simon Bolivar Spanish School, Quito, Ecuador. School provides a flexible schedule and a variety of Spanish courses suitable for the goals of the university student, teacher, traveler or business executive.

South American Spanish Institute, Quito, Ecuador. Located just minutes from the earth's equator in Quito, Ecuador, SASI offers a serious and professional language course that is personalized for each student.

21st Century Spanish Center. Intensive Spanish language school in Quito, Ecuador. One-to-One classes, quality instruction, optional study programs in the jungle and on the Ecuadorian coast.

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El Salvador

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El Salvador Spanish Schools Learn Spanish in the coastal village of La Libertad, the coffee country of Santa Ana, or in the capital, San Salvador. The school offers professional instruction, excursions, and a carefully screened homestay program.

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Academia de Español Guatemala. Located in Antigua, the Academia de Español Guatemala features one-on-one teaching in a garden setting. Home stay, after-school activities and airport pickup available.

Academia Latinoamericana Mayanse (ALM). ALM is a Spanish and Mayan language school located in Quetzaltengo, Guatemala. At ALM one-on-one instruction permits a highly flexible and personanalized curriculum that can respond to the needs of every student, from raw beginner to the advanced aficionado.

AmeriSpan Unlimited. In addition to a program in Antigua, AmeriSpan specializes in Spanish Immersion, Volunteer/Intern and Educational Travel programs throughout México, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Spain.

Casa de Español Xelajú, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. School for Spanish and cultural studies.

Centro de Estudios de Español Pop Wuj. One-on-one instruction in Spanish in Quetzaltenango and an opportunity to help the people of Guatemala while you learn. You can voluntarily undertake projects which the school administers in the rural communities around Quetzaltenango. The projects undertaken to date have included the construction of latrines and community wash-basins, the building of greenhouses, the construction of brick and adobe stoves, the repair of roads and school buildings, the planting of trees, and the terracing of land.

Centro Maya de Idiomas. Centro Maya de Idiomas(CMI) is a cooperatively-owned Spanish and Maya language school in the Guatemalan highlands town of Quetzaltenango. The great majority of CMI students come to study Spanish. However, others elect to study one of six Maya languages taught by native speakers. One-on-one instruction with flexible schedules.

Eco-Escuela de Español. An ecologically oriented Spanish language school in northern Guatemala, it offers students a unique educational experience through its combination of intensive language instruction and hands-on environmental education.

Escuela Juan Sisay in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Intensive Spanish language instruction and community involvment.

Guatemalensis Spanish School. Total immersion, one-on-one instruction in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala's second largest city. . Students can help poor and disadvantaged people through programmed projects.

Instituto Central América (ICA). ICA offers a one-on-one Spanish language school experience. The Institute places an emphasis on teaching about the political, social and economic situation in Guatemala, using a unique blend of resources, activities, and contacts.

International Spanish Language School of Central America (ISL). Located in Quetzaltenango (Xela), ISL is accredited by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education. The school offers a variety of programs including a university study program, a program for high school students, a children's program, and a volunteer's program.

La Hermandad Educativa. Study Spanish abroad in Quetzaltenango (Xela) or Todos Santos, Guatemala. People-to-people learning, including living with a Central American family. Funds earned by the member schools are used to provide scholarships for Guatemalan students and to aid community development and human rights projects.

Miguel Angel Asturias Spanish Language School. Located in Quetzaltenango and named after Guatemala's Nobel Prize-winning novelist, the school provides 5 hours daily of one-on-one instruction. Also available is the opportunity to help plan and participate in projects to improve education, health care, farming, the ecology, and community developement.

Proyecto Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín de Antigua, Guatemala. Private instruction. Family stays arranged. Classes begin every Monday year round. Opportunity for cultural excursions available.

Proyecto María Concepción. The school is located in Concepción Chiquirichapa, a small indigenous community surrounded by mountains and volcanoes near the city of Quetzaltenango. Opportunity is available to combine Spanish language study with volunteer grass roots projects working with widows and children.

Pyramide de Tikal. One-on-one intensive Spanish instructiton at all levels in Antigua. Additional activities include dance lessons, movies in Spanish, preparation of Guatemalan meals, demonstrations of ceramics and weaving, free gym and sauna, free internet and laundry.

Sab Language Center, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Offers seven hours of one-on-one Spanish language instruction daily. Classes begin every Monday. Family homestays available.

San José El Viejo in Antigua, Guatemala. School is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and National Tourist Commission. One teacher per student.

Spanish School Jabel Tinamit, (Panajachel, Guatemala). Spanish School Jabel Tinamit provides intensive one-to-one Spanish language tuition in Panajachel, Guatemala, on the spectacular Lake Atitlan, the most beautiful in Central America. With the local family homestay option you'll enjoy learning Spanish and finding out about the Mayan people.

Spanish School-Ulew Tinimit. Located in Quetzaltenango, the school offers a variety of one-on-one total immersion Spanish courses combined with cultural activities and family stays. Opportunity is also available for volunteer projects that suit students' skills, interests, and experiences.

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Centro Internacional de Idiomas. The school, located in La Ceiba on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, teaches beginning to advanced levels using one teacher per student.

HonduWeb. There are four main language schools in Honduras located in Copán, La Ceiba and Trujillo. In addition to language training, these schools usually have an option of living in a Spanish speaking home and providing a language immersion environment. Alternate accommodations are nearly always available at a nearby bed and breakfast or hotel.

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Academia Hispano Americana, San Miquel de Allende, México. Integrated program of instruction in Spanish language and Latin American studies.

Academia Hispano Mexico. Located in Mexico City, classes begin any day of the month and place strong emphasis on all aspects of the language: speaking, listening comprehension, grammar and writing.

ACALLI Intensive Spanish Program. This school, in Cuernavaca, offers classes beginning each Monday and run for five hours each day with additional conversation classes for extra language practice. Also available are individual classes and bilingual interchanges with Mexicans who are studying English.

Baden-Powell Institute, Morelia. Offers ONE-ON-ONE Lessons or group classes (3 to 5 students). Begin any Monday. Students can design their own study plan.

Becari Language School, Oaxaca, México. Emphasizes oral communication, conversation and grammar lessons tailored to the student's level, and a variety of productive language learning exercises. The school offers flexible scheduling.

Casa La Paz. An intensive language program of 4 hours a day in La Paz. An interesting feature of the program is for each student to have a "language exchange partner" who is Mexican and would like to learn English in exchange for Spanish. An hour daily (arranged between the two partners) is the suggested amount of time spent and is strictly optional.

Cemanáhuac Educational Community, Cuernavaca, México. This language school provides information about scholarships for intensive Spanish instruction.

Center of Languages and Latin American Studies (CLLAS). Located in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, the Center offers total immersion classes with optional college credit available.

Center for Bilingual Multicultural Studies (Centro Bilingüe) de Cuernavaca. Total immersion programs for students, business people and executives. Airport pickup, university credit, and cultural excursions are available.

Centro Bilingüe de Chiapas. Learn Spanish in San Cristobal De Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. The center offers intensive, regular and long-term Spanish programs.Travel agency -trips to the Lacandon Jungle, Indian towns and other attractions can be arranged.

Centro de Idiomas at Mazatlan. The school is located in the old colonial part of the beach city of Mazatlan. Emphasis is on achieving oral proficiency through speaking and listening practice. Study programs with specialized vocabulary or cultural emphasis for business executives, medical personnel, teachers and other professionals are available.

Centro de Lengua, Arte e Historia para Extranjeros (CLAHPE). The program lasts for 20 weeks and contains 5 levels of four weeks each, from beginning to advanced levels. Students may opt for shorter stays starting each Monday with a two week minimum. The center also offers courses in the literature, history and art of Mexico.

Centro Mexicano Internacional (CMI). Centro Mexicano Internacional (CMI) in Morelia, Michoacan, is recognized as one of the largest study centers for foreign students in Mexico. CMI serves as an operating agent under contract with more than forty different colleges and universities.

Centro Tlahuica de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural, A.C. (Cetlalic). An alternative school in Cuernavaca, Mexico,integrating the study of the Spanish language with cultural immersion and active analysis of pressing political, economic, and social issues.

Colegio de Idiomas de Baja, California. The Colegio de Idiomas de Baja California is less than one and one half hours south of the San Diego airport and a mile from the Pacific Ocean. Classes begin at 8:00AM Monday morning for beginners to advanced students.

Cuauhnáhuac (C.I.C.L.C.). Located in Morelos, Mexico, Cuauhnáhuac offers a variety of programs. Classes begin every Monday throughout the year.

Cuernavaca Language School. Begin any Monday. Program coordinators informally interview each student, and he or she will be placed in a group according to ability and previous contact with the language. Students are grouped as closely as possible at equivalent ability levels to ensure good progress and good camaraderie among classmates. Cultural studies, homestays, and credit from U.S. colleges and universities are available.

Encuentros. ENCUENTROS is located in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, and has a library, a media center, a small snack bar, and a garden where afternoon cultural events take place. New classes begin each Monday. Private study sessions are available.

Escuela Mexicana. Escuela Mexicana is a Spanish language school located in the heart of Mexico in historic Guanajuato. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced Spanish curriculum; flexible starting dates and schedules to fit your travel plans; lodging at the school or with local families.

Experiencia: centro de intercambio bilingüe y cultural a.c. Founded in 1977 and located in Cuernavaca, Experiencia offers a Spanish language program complemented by lectures on history, culture and contemporary events.

Institute for Multilingual and Cross-Cultural Studies (Puerto Vallarta) IMCS offers intensive language programs for executives, professionals, and individuals. Corporate executives, diplomats, sales person, doctors, nurses, police officers, social workers, teachers, and airline personnel are examples of the types of people who have participated in the Institute. Online registration is available.

Institute of Modern Spanish. Spanish Language and Mexican Culture Studies in Mérida, Yucatán, México. Features include: Internships & Work Experience, and Teaching Practicums for Education Majors.

Instituto Bilingüe y Cultural de Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca). Situated in a residential neighborhood two blocks from the main beach, the school offers programs based on one-to-one or small group instruction. The school also provides study programs which focus on the specific vocabulary needs of professionals, companies, organizations, and groups which will enable them to achieve proficiency in their work-related needs.

Instituto Chac-Mool (Cuernavaca). All levels of instruction begin each Monday throughout the year and include specialized individual and children's programs. Homestays and group travel are also available.

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca. The Instituto offers 7 hours daily of intensive Spanish instruction and cultural activities in the charming setting of a gracious 19th century Oaxacan home.

Instituto de comunicacíon y cultura (A.C.) The Instituto de Comunicación y Cultura, established in 1986, is one of the oldest language schools in Oaxaca, Mexico. Classes begin every Monday.

Academia Falcon. (Guanajuato) The Institute located in a beautiful colonial setting in Guanajuato, Mexico, features Spanish language instruction at all levels. The school provides programs in Mexican history, politics, culture, cuisine, folk dancing, Latin American literature, and local legends. Also available are homestays with Mexican families, sporting events, hikes, classroom field trips, cultural novies, and weekly fiestas.

Instituto Habla Hispana, San Miguel de Allende. Three levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced . Twelve four week sessions yearly. One on One personalized courses available. Airport pickup upon request.

Instituto Miguel de Cervantes. Located in Guanajuato, the Instituto Miguel de Cervantes provides intensive language study for individuals and groups. In addition, the institute offers specialized programs for professionals including Spanish for Teachers in Bilingual ESL Classrooms, Spanish for Medical Personnel, and Spanish for Social Workers.

Interamerican University Studies Institute. The Institute is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of educational programs. These include three Spanish language/culture study programs in Querétaro for first year, second year and advanced students.

International Spanish Institute, Ensenada, Mexico. Offers an intensive, total immersion Spanish and cultural program for developing conversational ability. No more than five students per class with an opportuity to live with a Mexican family.

Language College of Baja California. Located in the Pacific Ocean port city of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, classes have six or fewer students. Business, social and religious groups with fewer than 25 students can be accommodated with a curriculum tailored to their specific requirements.

OCEX (Cultural Organization for Foreign Students), Mérida, Yucatan. Small classes, cultural activities, and excursions. Lodging available with a family or in a student residence.

Organización Lingüística de Español (O.L.E.). The Organización Lingüística de Español (O.L.E.) located in Querétaro, Qro. México, offers instruction, homestays, and activities in central Mexico.

Prolingua Instituto Lingüístico y Cultural. Cuernavaca, México. The school is located within a fifteen minute walking distance from the city center and offers one on one tutoring or miniclass with a maximum of five students. Academic credit and excursions available. Classes begin every Monday.

Quick Spanish Academy. The academy is located in Valle de Bravo, a unique colonial village nestled in the mountains, 90 miles from México City , near the western border between the State of México and Michoacan. Courses include: Normal Spanish Programs, Advanced Spanish Programs, Traveler's Spanish, Spanish for Professionals, and an Academic Semester Program.

Se Habla...La Paz. This school in La Paz, Baja California Sur, offers general immersion and a specialty program for healthcare professionals.

Spanish Institute of Puebla. American-owned Spanish language school, specializing in teaching the Spanish language and culture through a total immersion intensive program. Students learn from the outset to think and express themselves in Spanish as they take classes, live and visit the culturally rich city of Puebla and its surroundings.

Spanish School of Mayab (Mérida Yucatán. Features a wide variety of classes to teach the Spanish language with opportunity for additional practice in conversation and culture courses.

Spanish Study Adventure in Mexico. The school is located in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, 300 miles south of Tucson, Arizona, on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. It offers nine hours of daily instruction for all proficiency levels with sessions beginning every Sunday. Weekend field trips, accomodations, family activities, child care, and group rates are also featured.

Sol y Tierra Spanish Language Institute (Oaxaca). The Institute offers the following: intensive Spanish courses, cultural instruction, workshops, conversational Spanish, credits and special programs, housing, guided tours, medical, and health and sports club.

Spanish in San Luis Potosi Mexico. New classes every Monday, 52 weeks of the year. Grammar, conversation, minicourses in history and literature, cultural activities, and individual executive programs.

Spanish Language School, A.C. (Guadalajara). Beginner to advanced courses. Five fifty-minute sessions per day, mixing grammar, writing, reading, and conversation. Field trips and family homestays are available.

Villa Enigma. Spanish-learning vacations in beautiful Valle de Bravo, México (mountain, woods, lake, village). Economic packages include accomodations in Suites Villa Enigma.

Vinigúlaza Spanish Language School. This language school in Oaxaca offers classes composed of 2-6 students, and includes free airport pick-up service, e-mail access, excursions, conversation exchanges, language workshops and course materials.

Zapata Center (Cuautla, Morelos). Spanish courses, excursions, homestays. Airport pickup in Mexico City is available.

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Nicaragua Spanish Schools. Nicaragua Spanish Schools offer quality Spanish instruction in various locations in Nicaragua. NSS programs are designed for inquisitive students, adventurers, scholars, eco-tourists, professionals, and vacationers who want to learn Spanish in a total immersion program while experiencing what life is like in one of Central America's most historically and ecologically interesting countries.

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Acupari Language School. The school, a non-profit cultural society, is located in a colonial mansion in Cusco. Intensive Spanish programs. Students are offered afternoon conversation practice with a Peruvian partner who is studying their native language. Volunteer opportunities are also available.

Amauta Spanish School. Amauta Spanish School offers Spanish language courses at three different locations: Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca empire; Urubamba, the Sacred Valley of the Incas; and the Manu Rainforest.

Don Quijote Language School. The school offers its program at three locations: Cusco, Urubamba (in the Sacred Valley of the Incas), and Manu (rainforest). Students may study at either or all three locations, each highlighting a different aspect of Peruvian culture. Also offered are Quechua Language Courses, workshops on Latin American culture and student activities.

Excel Spanish Language Centre. Intensive Spanish in Cusco from beginner to advanced levels. Also offered are Intensive Conversation, Spanish for Professionals, and Spanish for Young People. Home stays or hotel accomodations are available.

Marco Polo Spanish School. The School offers Spanish courses at four levels and has 3 sites: Cusco where the main office is located, Taray in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Huaro a mystical town to the east of Cusco. Also available are social and cultural activities, specialized courses, accommodation with a local host family or in a hotel and opportunity to do voluntary work.

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ABANICO Escuela de Español. A Spanish language school located in Madrid and in Málaga offering Spanish courses for all levels. They include non-native teacher's course, Christmas course, and summer course.

A.B.C. - Mester. A.B.C. - Mester is located in a modern six-story air conditioned building in downtown Barcelona and offers Spanish language courses at all levels in small classes. The school can arrange accommodations with a Spanish family, in a student residence, a university residence, a hotel or a shared apartment.

Academia Cervantes. Academia CERVANTES is a Center specializing in the teaching of the language and the Spanish culture to international students. The courses are suitable for anyone over 16 and the school arranges accommodations with selected Spanish families, international student apartments, and hotels and hostels.

Academia Contacto. Situated in an historic building in the heart of Madrid, students at Academia Contacto can enroll on any Monday of the year for Spanish language courses for as long as they wish. Classes are limited to two to seven students. The school organizes various activities including talks on regional or contemporary topics, films, art exhibitions, and cooking workshops. Homestays are available.

Academia Hispánica Córdova. Their general intensive course requires a minimum of two weeks with 20 classes of 55 minutes each per week. Students with some knowledge of Spanish may start on any Monday of the year. Beginners start at the beginning of each month. There is housing with families or in shared or private apartments. Cultural activities are also available.

Academia Mester. You can learn Spanish at one of these sites: Granada, Salamanca, Sevilla and Tenerife.

Academia Siglo XXI. The school, in Salamanca, offers general Spanish language classes (8 students maximum) from beginners to advanced levels. Also available are special courses in Spanish culture and history, business Spanish, preparation for the D.E.L.E. and individual courses. Home stays and travel opportunities are available.

Advisors for International Programs in Spain (AIP) A.I.P. specializes in organizing Spanish Study Abroad Programs in Valencia (Spain). A variety of programs are available including summers, semesters, and programs for groups. The school also provides full board with a family, cultural visits, sports activities, and optional trips.

alea (academia de lengua española Asturias). Classes at all levels and types from beginners to advanced are offered as well as cultural activities, housing options, and a specially designed one month summer course for young people between the ages of 14 and 18.

Alhambra Instituto Internacional. Located in Málaga, the Institute offers programs from beginners through the advanced levels year round. In addition to standard courses, it offers intensive courses, Spanish for business purposes, and a special summer program. Successful completion of the superior level course awards students the internationally recognized "Diploma Superior de Español como Lengua Extranjera" (D.E.L.E.: Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language).

AulaDiez español online. Learn Spanish online. In interactive courses students learn the concepts of Spanish grammar, colloquial and everyday Spanish, vocabulary, idioms, set phrases and more. In addition, students are prepared for the official D.E.L.E. examinations.

Capilla Dorada (Salamanca). The school is situated in the middle of the historical centre of Salamanca and contains 9 modern classrooms, a library, and computer and Internet facilities. It offers a variety of courses at all levels of proficiency, lodging with families or hotels, and cultural activities.

Carpe Diem Spanish for Foreigners (Madrid). CARPE DIEM is situated in the center of Madrid. The school offers a variety of courses, levels, housing options and cultural activities. From time to time, the school celebrates "gastronomic days" in which all students may share dishes and foods typical of their countries.

Carpe Diem Spanish for Foreigners (Seville). CARPE DIEM is situated in "El Barrio de Santa Cruz," in the centre of the old Arabic town of Ishbilya (Seville) in one of the most interesting parts of the city. The school provides courses at various levels from beginners to those who want to perfect their Spanish. Also included is Business Spanish, a specific course for those who want to improve their business language skills.

Colegio de Español La Janda. The school, located in Vejer de la Frontera, has as its goal to help students intensively develop their linguistic skills, not only reading and writing, but more importantly ,their speaking abilities. The Web site also includes an on-line magazine in Spanish.

Colegio Unamuno. Spanish for foreigners in Salamanca and Santander. Students can choose from among 14 different courses. Accomodations, cultural activities and excursions are available.

Delta Language School. Located in Santander, the school features classes at all levels, home stays with selected Spanish families, and cultural excursions and activities.

don Quijote in Country Spanish Language Courses. Exclusively geared towards teaching Spanish in Spain, the school offers courses in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Málaga, Salamanca and Tenerife.

El Centro de Estudios de Español BAHIA DE CADIZ. The center is located in the south of Spain and prepares students for the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (D.E.L.E.), the only official Spanish diploma with international validity.

eleMadrid. Study Spanish in Madrid. This school features small classes, personal attention, and leisure activity courses

Escuela de Lengua Española (ESLES). The school offers summer courses in Santander from July to September and year round courses in Madrid from September to June.

Escuela Hispalense, Tarifa, Spain. The school is located in a small village overlooking the straits of Gibraltar with access to beaches and windsurfing.

Escuela Montalbán. Spanish intensive courses in Granada complemented by cultural programs.

Escuela Salmantina de Estudios Internacional. The school, located in Salamanca, has been offering Spanish language courses since 1986 as a way of getting students to know modern Spanish life and culture.

Eurocentre Schools in Spain. Learn Spanish and explore Spain in Madrid, Salamanca, or Barcelona.

Garcia Lorca Spanish Center. Located in the center of Granada, the center offers intensive Spanish language classes at all levels beginning each Monday. Courses in literature, Spanish history and the history of Spanish art, cultural activities, and accomodations with families or in student residences are also available.

Holadenia! Spanish and Fun. Study Spanish in Denia, a beautiful town which stands on the Mediterranean coast, between the cities of Valencia and Alicante. Students can choose from among SPANISH and THEATRE/ACTING, SPANISH and SCUBA-DIVING, SPANISH and MULTI-ACTIVITY, SPANISH and SAILING / CRUISING. Accomodations and transfers from Valencia and Alicante airports are available.

Hola! Idiomas Spanish Courses in Sitges (Barcelona). Two-week courses with small classes or tailor-made programs for individuals or groups. Accomodations in hotels or with families and social activities are available.

Idiomas Castilla. Located in Salamanca, Spain, the school offers intensive courses for indivduals or groups. Lodging with Spanish families and complementary cultural excursions are included.

Idiomas XXI Situated in the center of Madrid, the school creates a personalized program for students either in groups or in private classes. Accomodations with a family are available.

Institute of Spanish Studies Study Abroad Programs for the summer and school year in Valencia, Spain.

Instituto de Español Gonzalo de Berceo. Found in the heart of Salamanca, near the famous Plaza Mayor, the schools's purpose is not only to teach Spanish, but also to permit students to participate as much as possible in the everyday life and culture of the country.

Instituto Flomar (Málaga). Standard, commercial and superintensive courses are offered. Housing is available with Spanish families or in the Institute's residence halls.

Intereuropa: Spanish Language School in Valencia. Intereuropa is located in the centre of the city of Valencia, a few minutes from the main shopping area. Year round courses are limited to 8-10 students.

Lenguaviva Spanish Courses. Learn Spanish in Sevilla, Spain. Programs vary from one to 20 weeks with housing and cultural activities available.

Letra Hispánica. The school is located in Salamanca and features a variety of Spanish language and culture classes at various levels from beginners to advanced and beyond. Also available are afternoon cultural activities and field trips to various parts of Spain.

Lewis School of Languages Barcelona.The school offers a variety of Spanish language courses for many levels of proficiency. Cultural activities and accommodations with families, or in apartments, student residence halls and hotels are provided.

Madrazo Language School (Madrid).Students learn Spanish in the mornings in small groups. In the afternoons tutors who are specialists in their fields conduct classes in art, wine, music, dance, theatre, cinema and history and accompany students on excursions in and around Madrid.

Malaga Instituto (Málaga, Spain). Offers an integrated, communicative teaching system using their own books. Small classes. Multi-nationals, institutions, and embassies send their personnel to study here. American students can apply for college academic credit.

Málaga Sí Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and the Andalusian culture in Málaga -100 meters from the Mediterranean Sea. Courses are available for all levels.

Modern Language Studies Abroad (MLS)-Summer Program in Madrid. Universidad Complutense de Madrid Summer Program is designed for undergraduate, graduate students, teachers, and high school graduates. Program features cultural activities and optional tours.

Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus. Year-long, and semester programs. Intensive summer courses for teachers including a Master of Arts in Spanish.

Salas de los Infantes (Burgos). Salas de los Infantes is located in a small city in Castile away from the tourist routes, where standard Spanish is spoken. The price includes cultural activities and medical insurance.

Spanish Language Center. Located in Marbella, the Center offers a wide range of Spanish language programs, visits to museums, churches and old historical areas in surrounding communities and summer and winter activities including skiing in the Sierra Nevada, water sports, fitness training, horseback riding, and hang-gliding.

Speakeasy Language School (Barcelona). Speakeasy is a small language school in the center of Barcelona offering intensive Spanish courses and classes at all levels. Private lessons also available.

StudyspanishSpain.com. Features qualified teachers, high-tech facilities, and small multinational classes. The school offers a variety of courses including: Intensive, Individual, Business, Annual, and Summer Courses as well as Summer Courses for ages 14-18.

Sociedad Hispano Mundial, Granada, Spain. Classes take place Monday through Thursday with Fridays dedicated to other cultural, social and sport activities which are included in the course. Activities included in the course price per week: cultural visits (Alhambra Palace, Cathedral, Tapas Tour, City Walkabout or Mountain walk). Transportation from and to the Granada Airport is included in the course fee along with all tuition materials.

Spain BCN. School in Barcelona offers language combined with cultural courses for all ages and levels throughout the year. Tours and excursions are also available.

Spanish Languages Courses (SFC). Located in Madrid, the school provides courses at seven levels from beginners to advanced. Culture Classes feature the art and literature of Spain.

Spanorama International Spanish Courses. Team Spanorama offers the following types of Spanish language courses in schools throughout Spain: Standard, Intensive, Intensive Plus, Business, Mini-Group, Individual and Summer Program. Most Spanorama schools have language laboratories and video and library facilities, as well as computer assisted learning facilities.

UAB Barcelona. UAB Barcelona offers courses in Spanish for a variety of levels. The courses start every Monday of each month throughout the year and are from two weeks to six months in length. Accomodations in student residences, apartments and hotels are available.

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. Summer Course centered in two principal areas: Spanish Language, and Culture and Society. The courses are aimed at both university and non-university students above 18 years of age of all nationalities.

VIVA Spanish Language School. VIVA is located in Pedregalejo, Spain, less than a minute from the beach and about eight minutes from the centre of Málaga by bus. Instruction takes place in a villa surrounded by more than 1000 square meters of gardens. Classes begin on the first Monday of each month for beginners and any other Monday for more advanced levels.

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Centro de Lingüística Aplicada (CELA). CELA is located on Margarita Island, only 30 minutes from Venezuela's mainland. The school provides intensive spanish language courses with accommodations and excursions. Also offered are Spanish courses for those interested in medicine, law, business and tourism.

Centro Venezolano de Español. Located in Caracas, the school offers language courses combined with excursions and cultural activities.

CulturalLink. Learn Spanish at Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua in Turmero, a small town only a few minutes from Maracay, capital of Aragua state in Venezuela. The duration of the program is an academic year (2 semesters), spring or fall semester (15-weeks), quarter term (10 weeks) or a summer session (5, 6 or 8 weeks).

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