Fall 2013

Econ 600

Office Hours:

Tue 12:30-1:30, Thur 9:00--9:30, 12:30-1:30, 6:30-7:00; and By Appointment

Office: JH4244
Phone: 818-677-2443

There will be a paper worth 30% of your grade each.  There will also be an additional paper and a presentation (see Talk and Paper below) worth 50% of your grade.  The remaining 20% of your grade will be determined by classroom participation. 

Transactions and Strategies: Economics for Management.
By Robert J. Michaels

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Additional readings will be added during the course of the semester

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Weekly Readings:
8-29-13: Rationality in Economics; The Construction of Social Reality; I Pencil ; Hayek, The Use of Knowledge ; Biro-two lessons
9-5-13: Markets for Factors of Production ; Read Ch 15 in the text
9-12-13: Why Firms Exist; Read Chs 9-11 in the text
9-19-13: Executive Pay; Read Chs 12&13 in the Text
9-26-13: Read Ch 14 in the Text
10-3-12: Expected Utility Analysis ; Read Ch 16 in the text
10-10-13: The Efficient Market Hypothesis; Pension Consultants; Systemic Risk; Corporate Social Responsibility
10-17-13: The Secret of Success: Failure; The Cost of Production; Read Chs 5-8 in the Text
10-24-13: Porter's Five Forces ppt; Thinking About the Firm
10-31-13: Macroeconomics; U.S. Gov. Default; Taxing Capital Gains

Talk and Paper
Provide a brief (1 page max) outline of your talk for each student in the class
please put your name on the outline

Final Paper Due (12-5-13)