Policies (Academic Dishonesty, Drop Policy, etc.)
• Policy on Academic Dishonesty: University rules prohibit cheating, fabrication, facilitating the academic dishonesty of another student, and plagiarism. If you engage in any of these activities in this class, you can expect to receive a failing grade. A letter will be sent to the appropriate campus officials. “Cheating or plagiarism in connection with an academic program at a campus is listed in Section 41301, Title V, California Code of Regulations, as an offense for which a student may be expelled, suspended or given a less severe disciplinary sanction.”
• Drop Policy: According to University policy, non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal; to withdraw from this class you must file a drop form with the University. If you fail to attend this class, and you do not formally drop the class, a "WU" (unauthorized withdrawal), the equivalent of a failing grade, will be recorded.
• During the first three weeks of instruction, students may withdraw online. After Friday, Sept. 11th, drops are not permitted. Exceptions are granted or denied by the Office of Undergraduate Studies if there is a "serious and compelling reason" and "there is no viable alternative" (a viable alternative includes taking a failing grade and repeating the course). Changes in work schedule, etc., will generally not be considered a sufficient reason. "Complete Medical Withdrawals" (all classes are dropped due to medical problems—yours or those of someone you care for) are processed by the Health Center.
• Incompletes: A grade of "Incomplete" will only be assigned when most of the course has been completed with a passing grade. This is only permitted when unforeseen circumstances arise that preclude finishing course work related to a class. According to University policy, an incomplete may not be assigned when a student would have to retake a course.