BIOL 330/L Design and Analysis of Experiments

Click here to download zipped folder of data:

Click here to download zipped folder of data used in book and in lectures:

These data files go with my iBook, A repertoire of biostatistics: lean lectures and exercises to build intuition. The iBook can only be read on an iPad, a Mac, or an iPhone. Other than the PDF, do not try to download onto other than an Apple device.

1. Make sure that the app iBooks is up-to-date. If you have ever downloaded this book before, you must delete it before re-downloading. Your highlights and notes will be preserved and will find their way into the new version.

2. Do you have a really good connection? If so, tap once... should get a nearly blank screen for a few minutes. Then you get a box that looks like this (and make sure that the number in gray is not zero MB):

mycsunbox download screenshot 2

4. Tap on Open in "iBooks". iBooks then takes a few minutes to load the book. Eventually you will see the title page and be ready to open it up.

Try the above link first and wait for 15 minutes before going nuts. If that doesn't work, try holding down the nearly rectangular button on your iPad for >10 seconds. This will restart your device. Then you can try again. It is a good idea to check Settings to see that you actually have enough spare disk space for the book (>400 MB). Another possible trick is to go to Settings, and then Safari, and clear the short-term browser memory.

We don't know why you would want it, but HERE is the PDF version. You could read most of the text on it, but the widgets will be flattened.