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1999 Conference on Standards-Based K-12 Education

California State University Northridge

Transcript of welcoming remarks by Aida Metzenberg


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Ms. Metzenberg: Good morning. As we said yesterday, we are going to get started a little earlier today. Can those of you back by the breakfast here me? We're going to get started now.

It's a great pleasure to welcome you to the second day of the 1999 California State University, Northridge conference on standards-based K-12 education. I know some of you weren't here yesterday. My name is Aida Metzenberg. I'm one of the organizers of this conference. I'd like to introduce my co-organizers so you know who do grab in you have questions. They are Dr. David Klein, Professor of Mathematics here -- he is in the back -- David! Um -- Stan, why don't you turn around -- and I'll introduce David in a moment -- and Dr. Stan Metzenberg, who is in the biology department here at Cal State Northridge. And as soon as David walks in the door, I'll point him out. I'm looking forward to another exciting and incredibly valuable day. I was saying to my husband this morning that I don't think I've been at a conference -- I go to science conferences usually -- being on the edge of my seat all day without getting tired. And there's Dr. Klein at the back of the room. Those two are my co-organizers. I would also like to acknowledge our sponsors, include Cal State Northridge's President's Office, President Blenda Wilson. And our Office of Research and Sponsored Projects. And it's so wonderful to have publishing representatives here who are also sponsors Houghton-Mifflin, Harcourt Brace, McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall/Scott Foresman. Thank you so much.

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