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1999 Conference on Standards-Based K-12 Education

California State University Northridge

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hat are the California Academic Content Standards? The California State Board of Education has adopted State Academic Content Standards for language arts, mathematics, history-social science, and science. These standards, and their linked frameworks, are available at the URL links below:

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Purpose of the conference: To consider and discuss the challenges faced by the State of California in implementation of a standards-based accountability system. The audience included educational stakeholders and policymakers, and was free and open to the public.

Dates of conference and location: Friday May 21 to Saturday May 22, 1999. Northridge Room, University Student Union, California State University Northridge, 18111 Nordhoff St. Northridge CA, 91330.

Organizers of conference: Drs. David Klein (Mathematics), Aida Metzenberg (Biology), and Stan Metzenberg (Biology)

Sponsors of conference:

California State University Northridge Office of the President
Office of Graduate Research and International Programs
Office of the Provost
The College of Science and Mathematics

Houghton Mifflin Company

The McGraw-Hill Companies

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For California Academic Content Standards on the web, visit:

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Friday, May 21, 1999

Educational Standards in California: The Past, Present and Future

transcript of welcoming remarks by David Klein Recording of David Klein   Welcome.
David Klein, Professor of Mathematics, Cal. State Northridge.
transcript of Blenda Wilson Recording of Blenda Wilson   Introductory remarks.
Blenda Wilson, President, Cal. State Northridge.
transcript of Janet Nicholas Recording of Janet Nicholas
Recording of Janet Nicholas
biography of Janet Nicholas The history of educational reform in California, and the California Academic Content Standards
Janet Nicholas, Member California State Board of Education.

The Challenge of Implementing Academic Content Standards

  Language Arts Standards: The struggle to overcome illiteracy.
Recording of Marion Joseph biography of Marion Joseph Marion Joseph, Member, California State Board of Education
    Distinguished panel, moderated by Marion Joseph:
transcript of Sandra Stotsky Recording of Sandra Stotsky biography of Sandra Stotsky
Sandra Stotsky, Research Associate, Harvard Graduate School of Education
transcript of Patrice Abarca Recording of Patrice Abarca biography of Patrice Abarca
Patrice Abarca, Member, California Curriculum Commission
transcript of Carol Jago Recording of Carol Jago biography of Carol Jago
Carol Jago, Editor, California English Journal, Director of the California Reading and Literature Project at UCLA, English Teacher, Santa Monica High School
transcript of Richard Colvin Recording of Richard Colvin biography of Richard Colvin
Richard Colvin, Los Angeles Times
Recording of Question and Answer Session
Recording of Question and Answer Session
  Question and answer session

      Mathematics and Science Standards: A new direction for California.
transcript of Hung-Hsi Wu Recording of Hung-Hsi Wu biography of Hung-Hsi Wu Hung-Hsi Wu, Professor of Mathematics, U.C. Berkeley
transcript of Stan Metzenberg Recording of Stan Metzenberg biography of Stan Metzenberg Stan Metzenberg, Assistant Professor of Biology, Cal. State Northridge. Former Science Consultant, Academic Standards Commission
    Distinguished panel, moderated by Edward J. Carroll Jr., Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, Cal. State Northridge:
transcript of William Tarr Recording of William Tarr biography of William Tarr
William Tarr, Science Advisor, Division of Instruction, Los Angeles Unified School District
transcript of Norman Herr Recording of Norman Herr biography of Norman Herr
Norman Herr, Professor of Secondary Education, Cal State Northridge
transcript of R. James Milgram Recording of R. James Milgram biography of R. James Milgram
R. James Milgram, Professor of Mathematics, Stanford University
Recording of Michael McKeown biography of Michael McKeown
Michael McKeown, Associate Professor, Salk Institute
transcript of question and answer session Recording of Question and Answer session   Questions from the audience, moderated by Edward J. Carroll, Jr.

transcript of Bonnie Grossen Recording of Bonnie Grossen biography of Bonnie Grossen Effective teaching: The legacy of Project Follow-Through.
Bonnie Grossen, Research Associate at the National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators, University of Oregon
transcript of Bill Honig Recording of Bill Honig biography of Bill Honig Educational policy: Bringing to rest the swinging pendulum.
Bill Honig, former California Superintendent of Public Instruction, Visiting Distinguished Professor, San Francisco State University
transcript of E.D. Hirsch Jr. Recording of E.D. Hirsch, Jr. biography of E.D. Hirsch, Jr. The schools we need and how we can get them.
E.D. Hirsch, Jr. President, The Core Knowledge Foundation
transcript of open microphone Recording of Open Microphone session   Open microphone, moderated by David Klein.

Saturday, May 22, 1999

Preparing the Student to Learn, and the Teacher to Teach
transcript of remarks by Aida Metzenberg     Welcome
Aida Metzenberg, Assistant Professor of Biology, Cal. State Northridge
      Parents stake their claim to public school policy.
transcript of Marianne Jennings Recording of Marianne Jennings biography of Marianne Jennings Marianne Jennings, Professor of Legal and Ethical Studies, Arizona State University
    Distinguished panel, moderated by Marianne Jennings:
transcript of Martha Schwartz Recording of Martha Schwartz biography of Martha Schwartz
Martha Schwartz, Co-founder, Mathematically Correct
transcript of Diana Dixon-Davis Recording of Diana Dixon-Davis biography of Diana Dixon-Davis
Diana Dixon-Davis, Demographic consultant
transcript of Veronica Norris Recording of Veronica Norris biography of Veronica Norris
Veronica Norris, Attorney
transcript of Jeff Lee Recording of Jeff Lee biography of Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee, Vice President and Executive Director, Alliance for Quality Education
transcript of Gayle Cloud Recording of Gayle Cloud biography of Gayle Cloud
Gayle Cloud, Parent
transcript of Jimmy Kilpatrick Recording of Jimmy Kilpatrick biography of Jimmy Kilpatrick
Jimmy Kilpatrick, Editor, Education News
transcript of Question and Answer session Recording of Question and Answer Session
Recording of Question and Answer Session
  Question and Answer Session

Implementation of standards: The buck stops in the classroom.

      Informing instructional practice, and teacher development, with research.
      Moderated by Norman Herr, Professor of Secondary Education, Cal State Northridge
transcript of Sandra Horn Recording of Sandra Horn biography of Sandra Horn Value added teaching in Tennessee
Sandra Horn, Educational consultant, University of Tennessee; Head Library Information Specialist and Technical Coordinator at South-Doyle High School in Knoxville
transcript of Justine Su Recording of Justine Su biography of Justine Su A comparative study of instructional methods in China and the United States
Justine Su, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy, California State University Northridge
transcript of Roland Otto Recording of Roland Otto biography of Roland Otto The California Subject-Matter Projects and teacher development
Roland Otto, Director, Center for Science and Engineering Education at the E.O. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Recording of Michael Podgursky biography of Michael Podgursky Are NCATE Teachers Better?
Michael Podgursky, Chair, Department of Economics, Univ. of Missouri
transcript of Cathy Watkins Recording of Cathy Watkins biography of Cathy Watkins Implications of Project Follow-Through for language arts instruction
Cathy Watkins, Professor of Education, Cal. State Stanislaus
Recording of Williamson Evers biography of Williamson Evers Contested terrain in education reform.
Williamson Evers, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution
Recording of Paul Clopton biography of Paul Clopton The use of assessments to drive instruction.
Paul Clopton, Biostatistics, U.C. San Diego
Recording of Question and Answer Session   Audience discussion, question and answer session, moderated by E.D. Hirsch, Jr.

Where do we go from here?

      The promises and pitfalls of standards implementation
transcript of Chester Finn Recording of Chester E. Finn, Jr. biography of Chester Finn Chester E. Finn, Jr., President, The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation
    Distinguished panel moderated by David Klein
Recording of Janet Nicholas biography of Janet Nicholas
Janet Nicholas, Member California State Board of Education
biography of David Tokofsky
David Tokofsky, Member Los Angeles Board of Education
Recording of Valerie Fields biography of Valerie Fields
Valerie Fields, Member Los Angeles Board of Education
Recording of Day Higuchi biography of Day Higuchi
Day Higuchi, President, United Teachers Los Angeles
Recording of Nancy Ichinaga biography of Nancy Ichinaga
Nancy Ichinaga, Principal, Bennett-Kew Elementary School
Recording of Vik Hovsepian biography of Vik Hovsepian
Vik Hovsepian, Chair, Hoover High School-Math Department, and Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at Pasadena City College.
Recording of Question and Answer session, and moderated microphone
Recording of Question and Answer session, and moderated microphone
  Questions and Moderated Microphone


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