The Center for Cancer & Developmental Biology at California State University, Northridge


Welcome to Dr. Steven Oppenheimer's lab. The research of about fifty students in this lab concerns investigations into the mechanisms of cell adhesion, and development of cell surface markers. Recent publications from this lab include:

  1. Daily, Latham, Garcia, Chun, M. Oppenheimer, West, Rostamiany, Chao, Pollock and S.,B. Oppenheimer, Producing Exposed Coat Free Embryos, Zygote 2: 221-225 (1994).

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  3. Spiegler and Oppenheimer Extending the Viability of Sea Urchin Gametes, Cryobiology, 32: 168-174 (1995).

  4. Latham, Herrera, Rostamiani, Chun, Oppenheimer, Rapid Identification of Lectin Receptors and Their Possible Function in Sea Urchin Cell Systems, Acta histochemica, 98: 295-382 (1995).

  5. Latham, Latham and Oppenheimer, Desktop Computer-Based Image Analysis of Cell Surface Fluorescence Patterning from a Photographic Source, Acta histochemica 98: 295-300 (1996).

  6. Roque, Herrera, Yeh, Philip, Borisavljevic, Brunick, Miles, Haritunian, Addy, Bada, Vaghefi, Matsumoto, Piccionelli, Rodriguez, and Oppenheimer, Cell Adhesion Mechanism Modeling Using Derivatized Beads and Sea Urchin Cell Systems, Acta histochemica, accepted, in press (1996).

Funding for the research and science education activities in the lab currently includes: