The Multicultural Psychology Association was chartered in May of 1993. August 30th, 1993 was a landmark day for the organization, marking MPA's first official day at Cal State Northridge. The MPA has developed into one of the most successful and well-known organizations on campus.


The Multicultural Psychology Association's purpose is to assist, encourage, and graduate members of all ethnic and cultural groups with interest in gaining knowledge in the field of psychology. MPA's goal is to attain a family atmosphere by uniting students of various backgrounds and environments. This family will be provided academic awareness through a wide variety of guest speakers, information on research, scholarship, volunteer, and career opportunities. Also of major importance to the organization is visible, hands-on community service.


Membership is comprised of all current Cal State Northridge students who are willing to accept and support the mission of MPA. There are two ways to pay our membership dues. You have a choice of options to pay your membership dues depending upon your preference and convenience. Please read here for more information.


Meetings will take place approximately every two weeks in a room to be designated in advance. See our bulletin board on the third floor of Sierra Hall for the next meeting time and location. MPA sponsors a variety of community services, social activities, and academic and culturally-enriching events. Some of our programs include a "Toys for Tods" project, food drives, picnics, movie nights, guest speakers, fund-raisers, and many more.

Exectutive Board Member's Office Hours


The office hours of the Board change from semester to semester, varying upon the availability of our members. Hours will be posted on the MPA Office door near the beginning of every semester.

MPA Constitution

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