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Crazy Joe: All Along the Watchtower

A page by a former member who was able to hold onto his sense of humor after leaving the ICC. It is definately recommended reading

Martin Hinves: The Hinvii Chronicles

This one of the people that I corresponded with before I decided to leave the ICC. His page contains a lot of Christian oriented material.

Sidney Juachon: Information on the Boston Movement/ICC

This page is one of the first anti-ICC pages that was put up on the web, and it still contains a lot of relevent information

Amelia Manteufel: Light and Darkness

This page hosts the ICC Ex-Members directory, a great resource for former members who want to hook up with other former members in their area, and links to a mailing list and two chat rooms for former members.

Sarah Marin: The Dance-Away Zone!

Sarah is the "ringmistress" of the "Dance Away Zone" webring, for former members of the ICC, and she also has a lot of good stuff on her page

Mark Matthews & Robert Jones: Thee International Church of Christ Alumni

This is a page that contains a lot of funnt stuff that is primarily for former members, although everyone should be a ble to get a laugh out of it.

Triumphing Over London Cults (TOLC)

TOLC was formed by former members of ICC affiliates in Great Britian, particularly the London Church of Christ. This is a fine WWW page with a tremendous amount of valuable information about the ICC. Highly recommended.

Contact: Daniel de Sailles
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