Response to Anonymous Guestbook Comments

The following are my responses to some anonymous comments left in my guestbook. Mr. or Miss anonyous has his/her comments in red.

1. Nowhere on any of my pages have I really talked about my personal life. I freely admit that I have problems and difficulties and obstacles that I have to overcome, and I freely admit that I have it better than most of the world.

2. I do just fine in school, I have been on the dean's list for the last two semesters.

3. If I'm the only hypocrite you know you should really get out more, because apparently you don't know many people.

4. No I do not remember you. In my days of close-minded over-zealousness I tried to keep a lot of people from leaving.

5. What are you talking about, "now who is the liar?"? I really did care about everyone when I really believed that the ICC was the one true church. When I stopped believing that I left. Ask any of my friends now how much I care about them. I haven't changed in that regard.

6. Sorry about the rude comments. I lacked a lot of tact when I was a child of 16. I believe that I have grown and matured since then. Once again I apologize.

7. About wishing you had never met me, well I guess that's your problem. I'm sorry you feel that way.

8. About the mask you are actually correct. I was hiding. I was afraid of being alone, whether or not I could handle my own life. I was afraid of myself being totally free. I'm not anymore. I like it.
They were the only friends that loved you and cared for you. What a pity. I'm sure you're way better off without your friends huh? When you were feeling down they served you. Was Christian life just to hard? Or do you really hate it that much. I doubt you do. You're just doing this to make a ridicule of the Christians. Remember, they still love you. They always will.

1. I really don't think, now, taht all of the people that I called friends were really my friends. All but three of them disapeared when I left except three. Steven (North Region L.A.), Matthew (AMS REgion LA), and Cornel (Phoenix Sector Phoenix Arizona). None of them had a webpage. So there, my comment was right.

2. As far as the serving goes, I must admit that Alicia Wartes was incredible. She brought me a chicken on my birthday, and chicken noodle soup when I had pneumonia. Mike Hammerbrought me orange juice when I had strep throat. Julianne brought me these frozen things that were a great relief when I had the chicken pocks. All great people that I respect even now. But, they were the exception and not the rule.

3. Was it hard being in the ICC? Yes. But as a teen I loved the challenge because I thought that I was doing great work. When I joined the campus I learned that I had joined a business, and that my brothers and sisters were now my coworkers. The hard stuff was unbearable then once my illusions were stripped. Let me ask you, would you pretend to love God, and share your faith just because you loved people? Or would you admit that you were an athiest and sacrifice your friendships so that you could be true to yourself?

4. How am I ridiculing them? That is really not my intention. I am sending out information, and that is all. There are some very good decent outstanding people still inside the church that I love and respect now even if they don't love me back. I know the sacrifices and the perseverance that people like Eric Thompson display on a daily basis. What I am saying is that they do not know the entire story, and they are not open to criticsm from the outside. That is all.

5. They love me? Really? I'm sure that they would show it if I came back. I am not however looking for conditional love.
Danny, You know who this is.

Actually I don't.

I am not a disciple, but you should be ashamed.

Of speaking the truth? Of speaking out against obvious wrongs? I am not ashamed nor will I ever be. It's information. I speak facts. The email from members are members opening their mouths and speaking. I do not put words in them.

So you are no longer part of the Church of Christ, big deal, no need to Christian bash.

Tell me how or where I bash individuals that don't have it coming? I faithfully and acurately display all the sides of the members. There are the ones that are clueless, that don't know what they believe. There are the ignorant that can't stand hearing a view that differs from official ICC dogma, and there are those that are genuine, good, compassionate people. Read what they wrote for yourself.

People can do what they want, your trying influencing their decision is a bunch of crap.

I'm just giving a dissenting opinion. I'm showing the other side of the issue. It's up to the individual what they want to do. Do you know how many members I told should leave? Not a single one. But when they do I'm their for them, and I try to show them that it isn't really their fault. That they were not just a bunch of bad disciples.

What you don't have anything better to do?

How long do you think it took me to do all of this? After an hour of sitting and typing my back cramps. I do a lot of other things, this really does not occupy a lot of time.

You know and I know that God is with them and the truth sets them free.

I pity you for your own self-hatred. It's not your fault, yet you blame yourself for leaving, and still stick-up for them.

Maybe you feel this will harm them in one way... but you're just fulfilling the scriptures and making them jump for joy.

Good they need some cheer in their dreary dull lives.

When I first met you, you were one of the most awesome people I knew, but who knows what got into you.

Knowledge. It turned me from a sheep into a wolf. A sheep is safe happy and dim. I don't like the pasture however, I much prefer the uncertainty of life outside the fold.

What I think you should do is just go on with your life, if you don't like what they do, just keep your opinions to yourself.

I will not stay quiet and shut-up. If thats the way you really feel then take your own advice. Be apathetic and lonely. But me, I choose life.

Anyone who wants to go to COC will probably still go even if they read this because through their efforts the disciples will persevere.

I have this theory: Like a sales pitch, if people read the studies they will never join the church. In fact, I am almost definite on that point.

Again... I am not a disciple... I used to be... and if it makes you happy... your discouragement and bad attitude was what helped my falling away.

Who are you? I'm racking my brain trying to figure it out. Who did I discourage? It couldn't be anyone I knew in college because I wasn't nearly as arrogant as I was in high school. So it must be a teen. Truthfully however I have no idea who you are. I think that this is completely made up by someone.

What happened to you Danny? It's hard being a disciple... that's why I'm not one. Disciples are good... disciples are strong people... and if god wants... disciples will persevere and win the world over.

If you exist and are not a creation of someone's imagination, then I really feel sorry for you. You have to love yourself. Bog knows that I have problems. I've had my heart broken a few times. But no matter what I love myself and that helps me to be open minded, non-judgemental of people on an individual basis, and to love others.

I'm sorry you feel differently after 4 yrs. of being one, i'm also sorry that you don't have enough heart to mention the good things of their Church.

Three years. And I do, even though what most of the members have said makes themselves look bad.

Like what you might ask? Their unity, love and perseverance. Their lives show what they believe, there's not alot of churches that I could say that about.

I see it with some people but not the majority. And there is alot more love in other churches, the kind that is not conditional.

I didn't know you too well... but I was learning to love you as a friend, but seeing this breaks my heart. I hope none of the disciples see it.

Several have. What's more surprising is that some of them even respect me for it. Although I really have no need of their respect. It's nice though, being able to see that there are some rational people in the church. It gives me hope for the rest of the people in it.

If you think you're a winner because you're informing people about the "so called cult", you're wrong... you're just giving them a victory.

You mean I'm not a winner? Awww... shucks.

It was nice knowing you while I did.

I wish that I could say the same, but I have no idea who the hell you are buddy.

Love, SOMEONE Ps. I don't see what you get out of talking bad about the Christians.

The satisfaction of knowing that they didn't tear out my tounge, so I can speak, and that they didn't rip out my heart, so I can feel and be moved to speak. There is also the satisfaction of having a mind that can think, so I can objectively view the world, from what I have seen feel, and from my heart speak.

Whoever this is, grow up and respond to me with your name, so at least we can clear this up between the two of us. This is the only way I know of reaching you.

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