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For specific grading information, see the syllabus under each course.


Physics students are evaluated using a standards-based grading system. Grades are assigned according to the percentage of the standards that the student has mastered. Mastery is shown by completion of written work and mastery of the material in a written exam.

Parents are cautioned that standards-based grading can show large variation in grades during the first few weeks of a semester, as a single standard not met can drastically lower the student's grade. Keep in mind that the student can still get full credit on that exam when they retake it, an option not available with conventional curriculums. Parents are also cautioned that percentage grades on the standards exams cannot be compared with percentage grades on traditional exams, since the standards-based curriculum exposes the students to much more specific information about the exam.

Students who do not show mastery on a specific exam are encouraged to study and retake the exam as soon as possible, as delay will affect both their ability to pass that exam and their ability to learn further material.

AP Physics:

AP Physics is graded in the same manner as a traditional college physics class, with emphasis on examination, project and laboratory performance.