August 16 - 22, 2004

      NAFKA Banners in the dunes

Sunday Night
Sunday Evening friends: (Standing L-R): Troy Gunn, John Barresi, Asif Zaheer, John McKenzie, Brian Johnsen, Gina Hsiung, Gopal Das and Richard Hurd. (Kneeling): Ralph Resnik, Michelle and Alexa.

This is what your vehicle looks like when it gets stuck in the
 mud and has to be recused. As seen across the street from our motel.

Asif & Gopal bridling kites for the Manjha challenge.

Rich shows off his kite for the Kite buidling competition.

 Monday - Manjha Challenge

Asif and Rich are ready to fight with manjha.
Gary's still thinking about it.

Cutting Line Challenge group photo. Standing (L-R):
Ed Haynes, Asif Zaheer, Gopal Das, Eric Johnson, Steve Bateman.
Kneeling (L-R) Gina Hsiung-scorekeepr, Gary Goodenough, Brian Johnsen, Richard Hurd, Alexa, Johny Hsiung, Michelle, John McKenzie.
The winners (L-R):  2nd place - Aisf; 1st place - Gopal;
3rd place - Eric  

Tuesday - Practice & Just Have Fun

Steve C. and Asif practice their skills.

Charlie bridles his own vented kite design.

Bruce holds up Manny's vented kite

Bruce and Charlie have a go at it with their vented kites,
while Johnny looks on.

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Ralph helps Riley with a huge tangle.

Bruce: "Oops, look what I did to the kite." 

Bruce introduces Manny & Jacob to Steve C.

Yes!....Jeff was there for a little while.

Gina models her tiara from Sharon M.

East Coast Rogues, L-R: Woody, Paul, Jacob & Manny.

Alexa & Michelle

Look Joan - Woody's putting on sunscreen.

Wednesday - Senior Skills & Fighter Demos

The balloon that nobody managed to pop

Bruce trying his luck.

Chuck's turn at the balloon.

Senior Skills winners:
(L-R):  2nd - Bruce, 1st - Paul, 3rd - Scott

Master of Ceremonies - Rich uses the microphone
for the  Fighter Demos.

One wolf, ready to go....

Sheep get their kites ready.

Thursday - Buka Challenge

Steve B vs Eric

Dennis vs Ralph


Woody (Scorekeeper - Gina, in background)

Woody vs Jacob

Ed vs Paul

Buka winners: L-R:  2nd - Johnny, 1st Steve B., 3rd - Dennis

Buka Trophy up close.  
Small Buka kite, made by Karen, matted & framed. 

Master Builder: 1st - Chuck
Kahuna Builder: 1st - Steve B.

Apprentice Builder winners:
(L-R) 1st - Paul, 3rd - Ed, 2nd - Scott
Journeyman Builder: 1st - Rich
Friday & Saturday - 4th Annual NAFKA World Cup

Sharon C. and Gina (wearing the Official NAFKA crown)

Steve C. has had his coffee!!

Friday morning Pilot's meeting.
L-R: Steve B., Charlie, Brian, Donna

Rich vs Chuck

Dennis tunes his kite.

AKA Pres. David Gomberg stopped by to watch.
Saturday - the downpour started around 12:30 pm

Leaving the field

Notice the streams quickly forming?

Stashing wet & sandy chairs, kite boxes, ete in the cars.

Karen's still smiling even though she's drenched!
Visit Karen's site to view her WSIKF photos

Chuck's truck with soggy NAFKA banners & gear

2004 World Cup 1st Place Winners

Winners All - (L-R)  Chuck, Steve B., Bruce, Woody, Johnny
Each received an original Ralph Resnik kite.

*** Some of the photos used above were taken by Sharon Musto using Paul Peter's digital camera.
Many thanks to both Paul & Sharon for sharing these with me.

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