WSIKF   August 2003 Kite Trains

Kite Trains fill the sky

chinese kite
Museum Exhibit of a Chinese Box kite. Mice transporting a Lady Mouse.

chinese bird kites
Chinese silk bird kites adorn one room of the Kite Museum.
chinese silk butterfly kites
Silk Butterflies adorn another wall.
Michelle and Joanne at the kite museum
Michelle visits Joanne M'Clary at the Kite Museum

sivler champagne ice bucket
Unveiling of the 2003 World Cup Trophy.  Woody graciously took care of commissioning the trophy.
The Silver bucket was made by Reed & Barton. The beautiful cherry wood base was made especially for it.
Both sides are engraved, one with the new NAKFA logo, the other has World Cup info.
A World Class Cup for a World Class event!

whale skelton
New addition to the Long Beach dunes.
A skeleton of a Grey Whale that washed up on the beach in 2000.
Gina's ready to keep score.

kite fliers relaxing inbetween fights
Gopal, Doody, Johnny and Tom are waiting their turn to fly in the Buka competition.

fliers in the bika comps
Jay (left) and Steve B (right) compete in the Buka competition.
Karen is Head Judge and Event Cordinator for the Buka Comp

Johnny & Michelle fight over a Strawberry Blaster.

Alexia and Woody enjoy their Blasters too.
Those famous Beach Blasters sure hit the spot! Thanks Karen!!!

buka finalists
Finalists Gopal (left) and Tom (right) join the winners of the 2003 Conrad Buka Cup
Winners (L-R): Bruce-2nd, Steve B.-1st, Steve C.-3rd

winner of the buka competition
Close up of Steve and the trophy.
The trophy is a photo of the NKFA banners at WSIKF 2002 taken by Karen.

 horse drawn wagon on the beach
Visitors to Long Beach can view the beach and kites (for a fee) by a horse drawn wagon.

kite flier kneeling on beach
 "Heidi" is here! [Edgewater Inn and Lighthouse Restuarant in the background].
making a kite
Steve C. is watching Steve B. make a kite in the Hsiung's motel kitchen.
Look at that snazy tool box.

group of fliers
8:00 am pilot's meeting

kite fliers
Jay's waking up the crowd.

kite flier in a kilt
Terry's ready!

Good Luck Dad!

Johnny standing in front of Indian kites hanging on the motel walls
Johnny decorated the walls of our motel livingroom with Babu Khan kites.
Kites in motel window
Our motel window.

kites in motel window
Richard's motel window.

Basir displaying his latest creation
Basir with his latest creation.

another look at Basir's kite
Another kite made by Basir

Johnny, Rich and Gopal with little Indian fighters from Pakistan.

Robert filling up Aunt Nancy's shoes and socks with sand
during the WC finals.  

Vintage mylar kite

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