Short-Line Fighter Competition
 Friday & Saturday, Aug. 23 & 24th


A Cold, wet foggy 8:30 am meeting Friday

Everyone is bundled up, anxiously awaiting
their number draw.

Karen & Jeff discussing their strategies

Dave Gomberg stopped by our fields to 
check out the fighters.

Woody and Johnny

We had time for a quick lunch. 
So we went up to the LightHouse Restaurant.
Here's my version of the ClamCam. 
I actually took these 3 photos from the same 
spot where the video camera is located, only 
I pointed my camera at the fighter fields.
The street access is 10th Street.
This first photo (no zoom) shows our parking 
spaces and then Field A in the distance,
just past the dunes.

I zoomed in on Field A, see the blue tent?
Some of the fighters in Group E 
are still fighting in their heat.

A Zoomed look at the NFKA flags up on the 
dunes above Fields A & B

The group takes a break from fighting.. 
L-R:BackRow: Furukh, Scott, Paul, Pierre
Front Row:Basir, Johnny, Andy, Steve, 
and Gopal

Patsy won 3rd place in the 
Novice figther competition.

The NKFA flags look great in the sun!

Thousands of birds flying south took more than 30 minutes
to pass us.


Another cold morning that improved as the day progressed. NFKA Flags are waving proudly. (Photo by Chuck D.)

The Group!  Several fliers in the front are holding onto their Indonesian fighters that Johnny
passed out to everyone.  (Photo taken Saturday morning at  9 am)

Okay, we got the flags in with the group!   [Did you notice I'm in this photo? (grin)]

Gopal's latest, "Sweet cheeks" ButtKicker

Aaron preparing his line. And that's Queen
John (Heidi) taking a nap in the back.
Yes that's Pierre in his RED Canadian
drawers. I caught him in the act just before
he proceeded to moon us all.
I don't know who was more shocked 
(OR scared silly)  - Michelle, Vi or Jay
It's a good thing I didn't have time to 
zoom in!

Michelle and Karen line judging

Johnny with a low flying pass
(photo by Scott Bogue)

Fighters and spectators watching the 
matches (photo by Michelle)

Gopal's able to relax in John's chair.

This is serious!  Bruce down on his knees.

Steve (Head Judge) and Johnny also down
on their knees.

Donna & I both survived the nerve wracking moments of watching Bruce & Johnny's match during the finals. We held our breath during one "Over" fight (I'm sure we had company - a collective gasp from the spectators, along with oohs, ahhs, etc..),
it lasted for several long minutes. Bruce's kite was over Johnny's, but Johnny was flying so low, that his line was drapping,
no touch yet!
The lower Bruce flew, Johnny went even lower. At this point it's very easy for a kite to drop to the ground....but WAIT...
Is that bruce getting down on his knees? That's a rare sight. Oh dear, Johnny's actually laying down on his line and pulling it out from under him as he continues to fly his kite. The judges are kneeling or laying down too, to watch the lines.
Johnny escaped at least three times before his kite touched the ground. What a GREAT Match!!
Now the entire crowd could breathe again. One large Sigh of relief!

 Winners of the NFKA 2002 World Cup - Short Line Fighter Competition

Johnny - 2nd, Chuck - 1st, Brian - 3rd

Time to pack it up! Richard taking apart the

Everyone's signing Johnny's Shirt

Johnny with Gopal, Brian and Furukh

Jeff and Sharon ride off into town. 

Donna & Bruce with Johnny
Let's do it again next year!
Mark your calendar's NOW!!
And make your reservations asap!
2003 Festival: August 18-24

Photo Journal - Photos by Karen G.

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