WSIKF 2002

Aug. 19 - 25, 2002

NFKA added a new competition to the week of Fighters events, called the NFKA Standard. This year the kite to fly was the kite made by Bruce Lambert, named "Donna's Dog". The Plan was posted on the NFKA site. Building directions, along with many, many discussions were also found on the fighters topica email list.

Here's a photo of Johnny's attempt to make a NFKA Standard 
"Donna's Dog" Kite for the upcoming festival competition.

Actually, this is his third kite from the NFKA plan, only this time
he's crafted the entire skelton from graphite and string first,
before cutting out the skin to be added next. 

Many Asian kite makers use this procedure when making their kites.


24 Hour Road Trip
After reaching Redding, CA, we decided to head northwest on the 299 over to the 101 Hwy to show Furukh the Redwood Trees. The 299 is 140 miles of winding drive that took us over 3 1/2 hours to complete. At times we wondered if we'd ever make it out of there! Along the way we saw people river rafting along the Trinity River.

Visiting the Redwood National Park,
just north of Eureka, Calif. 

Magnificent 1,000 year old giant 
Redwood trees.

Encountering some of the Roosevelt Elk
grazing in the meadows.

The 299 ended in the city of Trinidad, CA. 
The rugged coastline of the Pacific Ocean
is seen here at Trinidad Bay. 

The "Penthouse suite" at Arcadia Court.
That's our new van in front.

L-R: Furukh, Richard, Gina & Johny
Our first visitors, Richard & Pierre, stopped by for some
Tea and snacks. (Photo by Pierre)

Michelle and I took our walk into town. We also made a stop at the Kite Musuem.

Michelle's shirt almost matches this kite.
A Tribute to the Afghan Fighters and the
freedom to fly their kites again. 

These two kites were made by Basir.

Joann M'Clary (Charlie's wife)
volunteers her time manning the front 
desk during the week of the kite festival. 

Down at the Beach - Chuck Durst managed to snap a few photos fo the guys

Andy and Johnny

Brian and Johnny

Furukh and Andy checking out a NFKA

Johnny displaying one of Andy's kites

Trains on display over the Festival's main tent.

Jeff's low flying kite
--->  --->  --->

Jeff ("Fat Kid") flyng his kite.  Johnny trying out a kite made
Chuck Durst.

Playing down by the water

Mojda, Michelle and Masir


Back down the boardwalk

Basir's kites: L-R: Furukh, Johnny, Homara, Karen, Basir and Brian.


A beautiful appliqued handmade kite

Furukh, Gina & Basir - There's plenty of wind....the BIG kites are up!

Charlie with a few of his kites.

Basir, Furukh and Johnny

Karen's new Woodtick

Michelle flying a fighter

Richard and John (Heidi)
[Notice that John's missing his beard? He shaved it off in honor of his 50th B-day]

Events for today included the Seniors competition and the Sheep & Wolf Demonstration for the crowd.

Fighters gather in the tent before the 
demonstration. Jerry Dines and Ed Haynes 
joke with Johnny.

Fliers with their Sheep kites

One Wolf is Johnny with Furukh helping

Gopal is the other wolf

Richard on the microphone.

Michelle (in the blue vest and denim hat) watches her father as the wolf.

Later in the afternoon, there was an impromptu Manjha session.  Richard, Gopal, Basir, Johnny &
Furukh joined in the fights. At least 20 kites were cut out of the sky. (More photos by Chuck D.)

Richard "Cutter" and Gopal are chosing their kites
for the Manjha fights.
In the background, Vi, Michelle and I are 
ready to watch.

Richard is trying out his latest invention.
A reel of manjha straped to this left hand/arm.

Basir flying with manjha while Brian looks on.

Gopal and Johnny with Manjha

Today's schedule included three different events:
 1) The Conrad Buka Cup Kite Challenge at 10 am
 2) Novice Competition at 1 pm.
 3) NFKA Standard (One design Fighter Kite) competition late afternoon

Warming up their kites: L -R: Jerry, Gopal, Woody, Rich with the NFKA Rok, ? and Pierre.
The beautiful NFKA Banners are in the background.

Its cold! L-R: Ed Haynes, Scott Bogue, Paul Peters, Michelle & Karen, Andy & Donna.

Furukh with his gold mylar Buka

Gopal with a Buka made by Richard

Paul Peters


Pierre with Ken Conrad


L - R: Johnny-2nd, Pierre-1st, Dennis, Andy

NFKA Standard Competition
[Note: Due to weather conditions (high winds & cold temps), only a few photos were taken during the NFKA Standard event, all by Brian Johnsen.

Pilot's meeting. Everyone's bundled up, including Michelle sitting on my lap.
We ended up leaving after the meeting to go sit in the warm car.

Farukh (L) flying against Ed (R)

Furukh against Bruce. The crowd got smaller.

The Winners:  Johnny, Andy & Bruce (Using their fingers to show their placing)
Click on the photo to see the tallied score sheet. (Thanks Pierre!)]

Go To part 2 - Fri & Sat's eventPhoto Journal - Photos by Karen G.

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