Part 2 - 20th Annual WSIKF - August 20-26, 2001

Friday morning -- 8am

Everyone met down on the beach for the pilot's meeting. 31 fliers drew fighter groups and volunteer assignments. [Note: Sat. only 30 fliers; Kirby dropped out due to an emergency at home]

Scorekeeper assignments: Ron in field 1, Donna in field 2, Gina in field 3. We were given neat clipboard/boxes to help  keep our papers in order (Thanks NFKA!!). 
The score forms were easy to use, and made our jobs easier.  Fliers not flying at the time, participated in their field assignments  (Line Judges, Field assistants, ghost flier, or judge)

Comparing numbers/groups etc. after the draw

Lining up to register the picks
           Fliers listen to instructions given by Dennis 

Steve imparts more important info to the group

Head Judge Steve Childers and his wife

The 4 Bandana guys from Michigan
Three groups (of 5 fliers each) started at 9:30am,
then three more groups at 11:30.
Points were totaled and kept to be added to Sat.'s scores. 
We were finished by 1:30 pm, and able to go 
visit the other flying fields after lunch. 

David & Johnny at the end of Bolstad Fri. afternoon
 Later that afternoon, Johnny, Gopal, David, Richard, 
Tom and his wife, went down to Cranberry beach (several miles down the beach) to fly with manjha. 
They made it back just in time to attend the Kite museum's gala. 

The Humphrey's, Gopal & Alexa Das
There were so many people there we missed the introductions to the Hall of Fame (but I later heard Charlie Brown was one of them). 

We had a video tape from the Taipei International Kite Fest. and Manjha Club World Cup Competition, so we went into the museum and watched it on one of their video players. 

Saturday morning -- 8am
Same routine as Friday -- Fliers divided up into 6 groups to Fight. Scores from Friday to be added to Saturday's for a grand total.  The Top five scores will advance to the Final Round Robin. 

A banner from Taipei flies with the NFKA Banners

NFKA tent and John McKenzie's weather station.    Photo by Mike Beech

Johnny practicing extreme short line flying.

Gina and her little helpers

Dennis at work                Photo by Mike Beech

MIke showing his form                             Photo by Mike Beech
Top 5 scores: Bruce, Johnny, Steve Bateman, Mike,
with a tie for the 5th between Chuck and Steve C.
The two of them flew to break the tie. 

Steve had a hard time getting his kite to fly, 
the light winds from the morning had picked up; 
Chuck advanced. 

The Top Five advance to the Final Round Robin
L-R: Chuck, Steve, Bruce, Mike and Johnny

Chuck and Johnny in unison moves.      Photo by Mike Beech

Tom push starts Bruce's fighter.                        Photo by Mike Beech
Gina kept score for the final Round Robin, while Ron helped by telling the fliers when they were up next. 
Johnny was sleep-flying....he ate his lunch too fast and he was sluggish, needless to say, he had the least number of points until he fought the last two fliers. 

Final scores: Bruce 1st, Chuck 2nd, and a three-way tie for
3rd between Steve B, Mike and Johnny. 

One more round robin to break the tie, now it was really stressful for everyone, here we go!

Mike vs Steve, Steve vs Johnny, Johnny vs Mike
Johnny took the top score in the end. Mike and Steve tied for 4th.

Great flying by all!!!

Winners L-R: 2nd - Chuck Lund, 1st - Bruce Lambert,
3rd - Johnny Hsiung

Hugs from Alexa and Michelle

2001 NFKA Short Line World Cup Group Photo


Images captured from the Long Beach Clam Cam by Peter Stauffer in Australia.
We left Sat. night, after the famous Illwaco BBQ Salmon dinner,
so we could have an early start on our long drive home. 

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