20th Annual WSIKF - August 20-26, 2001

Monday was a beautiful day.

Michelle and I walked to the Post office to purchase 
post card stamps, then we visited Anna Lena's for 
some of their delicious fudge. 

From there we strolled down Bolstad towards the 
beach to see the vendors setting up their wares, and 
we stopped at the "Official" WSIKF booth to get our 
souvenirs. I had to get my favorite Beach Blaster, 
Michelle a snow cone and a sugar/cinnamon Elephant Ear. 
(All those traditional food stuffs everyone has at 
WSIKF each year) .

On the way back to our lovely "Penthouse" suite 
at the Arcadia Court, we popped into the kite museum 
to say hello to Joanne M'Clary 
who was manning the desk. 
We browsed through the Japanese Kite collection. 

Doesn't she make a lovely octopus?
Tuesday -- Rain

It rained, and rained, and rained. 

Nothing to do but make more kites and 
visit with other fliers who were anxious to fly. 

Johnny was out testing a kite in the motel parking lot
in between the rain. 


Tues. evening most of the fighter fliers gathered for 
Pizza at Chico's.

Yummy pizza and great company!!

L-R: Chuck Durst, Johnny, Mike and Karen at Chico's 
Wed. (more of the same) - - Rain!

That meant more friends dropping by to visit during the day, and finally a chance to fly at the Indoor flying event from 4-6pm. 

Johnny took Steve Childers (it was Steve's first time) to fly indoors, and Steve was hooked!  Although I didn't see it, I heard all about Johnny's exhibition "slam dunk" into the basketball hoop with his fighter. 

The Canadians visit our humble dwellings.
L-R: Pierre, Mario, Johnny & Sharon Musto

Steve Childers and his new kite.

Another of Steve's kites

Johnny testing a little indoor kite outside during a break 
in the rain, while Mario and Pierre watch


Thursday - Buka challenge - 10 am Rain or Shine. 

We all head to the fighter fields. Just our luck, as we get out of the car, here comes that talked about sleet. Can you believe it?? We are soaked before we even get the umbrellas out, so we hop back into the car. Once the rain lightens, we try it once again. 


Wind meter
Winds were gusting anywhere from 15 to 27 miles per hour when I looked at the readout on the wind meter. 

It was spooky to watch the dry top sand move across the wet sand in waves. 

Michelle borrowed the rake to write her name in the sand

Brian rolled over this unique chair
Now for the 3rd annual Buka challenge 

"Competitors will be divided into two groups", announces Dennis. 
"Our previous two winners, Bruce and Johnny, will start off flying, 'King of the Hill' style, and fly against a group of fliers, the last man standing in each group will advance for the fight-off". 

Bruce chatting with Rick Miller and Randy Shannon
Both Johnny and Bruce lasted through several fliers, but unfortunately neither could hold onto their "hill". 

Eventually, Tom Humphrey and Mike Coons were the two remaining fliers. Now for the fight-off. 
It was exciting to watch them battle it out. 
Mike Coons won the final point. 

Brian helping out in the field

Mike flying against Chuck

Paul Peters (green jacket) flies against
Chuck (hidden behind John McKenzie, judge) 
Mitch Anderson (standing in back)
helps as a line judge

Chuck & Dennis judging the match
between Mike & Tom

The Trophy made by Dennis

1st place: Mike Coons
Runner-up: Tom Humprhey

Gina with Johnny and Mike, Mitch in the background 

David Tan, Mike & Johnny


3rd Annual Buka Challenge Group Photo


In the grass dunes next to the boardwalk
Large cat kite

Michelle & Alexa frolicking with a whale

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