WSIKF  Part 2

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Michelle surrounded by Scott Hampton's latest creatures.

Interesting use of banner poles.

Doesn't this look like one of  "Into The Wind's" Catalog Covers [grin]

Novice Line Touch Champions
L-R: 2nd - Scot, 1st - Rolf, 3rd - Kirby

Experienced Line Touch Group Before the Competition

Experienced Line Touch Champions
L-R: 2nd - Bruce, 1st - Steve, 3rd - Johnny

Indonesian Kite

Richard, Brian, Karen and Johnny inspect
Basir's homemade Manjha


Time to go home.



Photo by Karen G.)

SPECIAL THANKS:  To Dan Whitney (Gone with the Wind Kites) for the use of his graphics taken on Friday during the Sheep & Wolf game. I've put his initials (DW) next to his snaps.

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