WashingtonStateInternationalKiteFestival 2000

Terry McPhearson & Ron Lowry

Dennis with a Buka; Andy Seltzer (back)
fighting Steve Bateman (front)

Richard with his NFKA RoK

Kirby Holte and Steve Bateman reeling
in some line provided by John (Heidi)

Johnny giving the guys some pointers, L-R (on their Knees) Terry, Steve,
Ron, (standing) Tony (in one of his rare appearances at the fighter field).

19 Buka Challengers:
L-R Back Row: Ron, Jerry, Brian, Terry, Rolf, Jeff, Andy, Bruce, Donna, Sharon, Steve
L-R Front Row: Patsy, Rich, Kirby, Johnny & Michelle, Karen, Dennis, Chuck


Up close photo of the Trohpy for the Ken Conrad
Buka Challenge, made by Dennis. 

The Winners of the Buka Challenge:
L_R: 3rd-Steve; 1st-Bruce; 2nd-Dennis

Friday Morning, waiting out the rainy weather in the tent, trying to get ready for the
Sheep & Wolf Demonstration. Back Row, L-R: Basir, Steve, Rich, Karen;
Front Row, L-R: Johnny, Michelle, Jeff, Kelly, Kevin.

Terry and Johnny testing out the 
"Sheep" kites. 
Mylar fighters and Manjha 

The wolves are ready, and Johnny's reel of 
green manjha is protected from the 
weather by a plastic bag. 

 Steve Bateman and his homemade Box
Michelle's showing off
her ability to fly with manjha.

Dan Whitney is getting ready to snap a picture. 

Charlie's using Johnny's head to get the perfect bend in his kite.
"Pick a kite...any kite" says Jeff 
Jeff McInnes doing what he loves best.
Randy before his 
Fighter Ballet demonstration.
Randy dancing with his kite.
Terry McPhearson 

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SPECIAL THANKS:  To Dan Whitney (Gone with the Wind Kites) for the use of his graphics taken on Friday during the Sheep & Wolf game. I've put his initials (DW) next to his snaps.

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