What's New
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CyberFighter Web site

New Additions to the web site are listed below:

Added WSIKF 2004 page
Added Shortline Fighter Results 2003-04
Added link to Indian Fighters page
Listen to "National Public Radio:
 Fighting Kites in Southern California"
Broadcast July 27, 2004 on "Day to Day".
Added Chilean Fighters page
Added Santa Monica Fly June 2004
Added Toronto Fly June 2004
Updated AKA Champs
Added Santa Barbara Kite Fest 2004 Photos
Added Tucson Fighter Fly 2004
Added Seal Beach Kite Fest Photos
Added San Diego New Year Flies
Added a new book, title: "King of the Skies"
 to Resources page
Updated Fighter Champs page
Added WSIKF 2003
2-26-03 Added page for Tucson, Az Fighter Fly 
1-14-03 Added page for San Diego's New Year's Flies
10-25-02 Added 'Art in The Sky' Arizona fly
10-22-02 Updated all the urls for change in account
name on all the Cyberfighter pages. 
9-30-02 Updated Fighter Champs page
8-30-02 Added 3 pages of  WSIKF 2002
6-14-02 Updated Indian Fighters page
1-29-02 Updated the Calendar,
Modern Fighter Kites, Kite Makers
11-5-01 Updated Rules & Games page
10-29-01 Added new photos to  So. Cal. Fighter Flys
10-26-01 Added Arizona Kite Fly page
10-22-01 Updated Kites in Art
10-12-01 Updated Fighter Champs page
9-7-01 Added WSIKF 2001 page
9-4-01 Updated Calendar  and Fighter Champs page
6-11-01 Added new photos to the 
So. Cal. Fighter Flys
6-1-01 Added new link, Kites of Pakistan
to the Indian Fighter's page.
Created a new page Kites in Art
5-01 Added new photos to the 
So. Cal. Fighter Flys
3-2-01 Added info on Jeff Howard's
latest fighters to the What's New & Hot
2-23-01 Added new page for the 
So. Cal. Fighter Flys
Updated Calendar
12-22-00 Added Pismo Beach Page
12-21-00 Added info to Korean fighters
12-19-00 Added Survey 2000 page
10-7-00 Added WSIKF 2000 page
9-28-00 Taipei photos from World Cup 2000
6-8-00 Updated Stores page.
Added photos to Gallery pt.12
(Santa Barbara Festival 3/00)
Added Gallery pt.13 (Byron Bay Fly-In)
4-3-00 Updated Calendar
3-31-00 Updated Resources page.
3-28-00  Added Fort Worden Page(s) 
Added Santa Barbara Fest. Photos
3-13-00 Updated Resources page, added another 
book to the list, and several kite plans. 
Added new info to Mayalsian kites.
2-11-00 Updated Indian Fighter's page, added a few 
new photos and links.
2-10-00 Updated Resources page.
2-4-2000 Updated Calendar.
1-26-2000 Updated Indian Fighters page. 
Added Fighting Techniques for Manjha. 
Added links for the report and photos 
of the Millennium Desert Kite 
Festival in India.
10-22-99 Updated Resources page
10-12-99 Added AKA Convention winners to the 
Fighter Champs page
10-5-99 Added another page to the Gallery 
WSIKF '99 photos
10-1-99 Added additional SLS-FK Program
info for the '99 AKA Convention
8-6-99 Updated info on Indian Fighters
8-4-99 Added the new NFKA Fighter Book
 to the Resources page
7-12-99 Added Past Fighter Champions page. 
Updated info on Stores page.
6-23-99 Added the SLS-FK Events Schedule for the 
AKA Convention Oct.4-9, 1999, and a 
Pre-Registration form for the Fighter events.
6-23-99 Added new pics of Korean fighters
now available from Gone With the Wind
6-16-99 Added Schedule of Fighter Kite Activities
to be held during the 1999 WSIKF
6-8-99 Updated Resources page
6-4-99 Added photos of Manjha labels 
to Indian Fighter's page 
6-2-99 Added link to the Manjha Mania site. 
Added link to Rules page under Manjha.
5-27-99 Added more info to Resources
5-18-99 Added info to Resources
4-23-99 Added info on Malaysian kites. 
Added MAC Fighters to the Modern 
Kite makers page. 
Updated links on the WSIKF page. 
Updated links on the Stores page.
4-1-99 Updated info on the Korean, Japanese,
Brazilian and Thai Fighters page
3-16-99 Updated 1999 Calendar
3-3-99 Added Cuban Fighters report by Will Tefft.
1-14-98 Added another photo to Indian Fighters
Added photos to Korean Fighters
Added WSIKF '98 photos. 
Added Avi '97 & 98 photos. 
Updated AKA Champs
1-4-99 Added several photos of Johnny's 
past fighter construction efforts; 
plus links to GWTW's 
site to see the "Kite Tree" at the 
San Francisco Airport to the 
Indian Fighters page.
12-23-98 Added link to Nomad Travels (India)
and link to page with photos of Babu Khan
making one of his famous kites to the 
Indian Fighters page.
12-21-98 Added new photos to Indian Fighters, 
received from Francois Gonnet.
12-18-98 Redesigned the Home page. 
Created separate pages for Fighters.
11-16-98 Added another kite to the Reviews section.
11-6-98 Added Tom Humphrey's Dragon I kite plan 
to Resources page.
11-3-98 Added another kite to the Reviews section.
9-28-98 Received the "3 Star Award" from KiteRing.
8-28-98 Added link to Joel Scholz's 
Sky Delight Kites
web site. Includes the new Piranha
and Piranha Bait Fighters
8-7-98 Added Gallery pt.7
6-12-98 Added two more Kites to the 
Reviews section.
4-27-98 Updated Resources page. 
Added a link to the Fighter Kite Newsletter
available on the NFKAsite
4-27-98 Added a Fighter Clubs page
4-22-98 Resources page updated further 
with new info under Magazine Articles.
4-3-98 Added new article to Resources Page. 
"Flirting with Danger", by Wayne Hosking.
American Kite Magazine, Spring 1998.
4-1-98 Added a link on the Resources page 
for the new KiteLife.com
Internet Kite Magazine
3-23-98 Added Fighter Kite Reviews
3-16-98 Updated AKA Champions page
3-9-98 Added a new link for Thai Kites
2-27-98 Added a new category, 
"Additional Fighter Accessories", 
to the bottom of the Stores page. 
First item: Kite Kreations & Kite Kreatures 
Pins and Photo frames with Kites, 
handcrafted by Kathy Aggers.
2-27-98 Updated 1998 Calendar
2-27-98 Updated Stores page. 
Added more kites to GWTW's list. 
Added two new sites, 
1) Kite Centre in India 
2) Absolute Imports and Exports in the U.S.
1-9-98 Added 1998 Calendar of Events
1-9-98 Updated CyberFighter home page. 
Added link for: Japanese Kite Collection
9-12-97 Added Gallery pt.6 - WSIKF '97 photos.
9-8-1997 Added New pages to Spotlightsection. 
9-8-1997 Updated Retail Stores page 
8-28-1997 Updated Calendar dates for the Nov. Avi 4 
8-28-1997 Updated Retail Stores page 

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