Cataloging Guidelines for Video Recordings (Includes DVDs)

Note: As of 9/01 we have now loaded bib & holdings data for the videos held by the Media Library into our Geac Advance system.
In addition to being able to search these through the Media Library's catalog, they are now searchable through Advance (and WebPac). These are generally fairly brief records, and do not contain subject information.
Location is ARTS; material type VIDEO or VIDISC or DVD; with a circ code of NOLOAN (to differentiate them from fine arts circulating video collection).  A special status message of 'Ask at the Desk' shows rather than
'In Library'.  These do not have LC call numbers; the CMM accession number displays in the call number field.

All new materials ordered for the Media Library, beginning with the 2001/02 fiscal year will be cataloged on OCLC and exported to GEAC. These records will have an LC call number in the bib record, and a CMM accession number as an item call no.
We will follow the general guidelines below when cataloging the material.
For Duplicate records on GEAC see note at bottom of page.

When to enter a New Record - when in doubt, Edit!

See Bib. Input Standards Ch.4, When to Input a New Record

Fixed Field example (VHS)

    Type:  g          ELvl:  I          Srce:  d         Audn:  g           Ctrl:            Lang:  eng
    BLvl:  m          Form:           GPub:           Time:  118       MRec:        Ctry:  nyu
    Desc:  a         TMat:  v        Tech:  l          DtSt:  p            Dates: 1997,1940

Fixed Field example (DVD)

    Type:  g          ELvl:  I          Srce:  d         Audn:  g           Ctrl:            Lang:  eng
    BLvl:  m          Form:           GPub:           Time:  118       MRec:        Ctry:  nyu
    Desc:  a         TMat:  v        Tech:  l          DtSt:  s           Dates: 2001,

Variable Fields

Base the description on Chief Source - in following order of preference

In cataloging video recordings, keep in mind what RTVF students would look for the following,
therefore, provide them in access points.
007 See Physical Description Fixed Field (Videorecordings)
020 ISBN
028 Publisher Number
090 Non-fiction and Documentary - Class in B - Z 
     Not for ourselves alone [videorecording]  (HQ1412 .N68 1999)
Video or films based on Literature - Class with Literature under the Author's number 
     Pride and prejudice [videorecording]  (PR4034 .P7 1985)
Fiction and feature films - Use PN1997 .A - Z by title
     Boys don't cry [videorecording]  (PN1997 .B69 2000)
245 Title  h [videorecording] : b subtitle / c responsible body and producers, directors and writers
250 Edition or version - "25th anniversary ed." or "Digitally remastered version" or "Colorized version"
260 Place : b publisher or distributor, c date of publication or distribution
     Example:  Fixed field :  DtSt:  p    Dates: 1997,1940 
                       260     c c1994. 
                       500     Originally released as a motion picture in 1940.
300 No. of physical unit (playing time) b description c dimensions e accompaning materials 
     Example:   300     1 videocassette (118 min.) : b sd., col. ; c 1/2 in. 
                      538     VHS; stereo, Dolby surround
                      007      v b f d c e b f a g h h o

 for DVD's:      300     1 videodisc (   min.) : b sd., col. ; c 4 3/4 in.
                      538     DVD; Dolby digital surround 5.1 
                      007      v b f d c e b f a g h h o

440 For true series, check authority file
5XX Use notes liberally, in the order (below) by cataloging rules, not by tag number ; notes can be combined
538 physical format (previously in 500) e.g., VHS, Dolby stereo, DVD
500 Nature of work, e.g., documentary - Do not use if summary is provided
546 Language - of sound track, including CC , e.g., Closed captioned for the hearing impaired.
500 Source of title proper, e.g., Title from container.     Use only when not using title screen
511 Participant or Performer - cast (use indicator 1), e.g., Hillary Swank, Chloe Sevigny, ... etc.
508 Creation/Production Credits, not included in 245 c , e.g., cinematographer, music
500 Edition & history, e.g.,  "Based on a novel by ..."
500 Publication in a different medium, e.g.,  "Originally released as a motion picture in [year]." 
500 Accompanying material, if not listed in 300
521 Rated R, etc.
520 Descriptive and objective   Add more extensive info for Media Lib. materials when necessary 
505 Contents, e.g., t Material girl -- t Like a virgin
500 Numbers on item - use for generic numbers, e.g.,   "012VHS"
     Publisher's numbers in 028     B3968 b PBS Home Video
6XX For non-fiction videos (biographical, documentary, historical), add the appropriate topical subject headings, e.g. Henry IV, c King of England, d 1367-1413 

For dramatizations, add Form subdivisions, e.g. Transsexuals z Nebraska v Drama

655 Genre headings  See list.
700 all openly named persons, e.g., producer (if no production company), director, writer, animator, all prominent performers, actors, and narrators; interview-ers (-ees), person(s) delivering lectures, addresses
710 all corporate bodies named in 260, e.g., Warner Home Video (Firm)
730 If there is a uniform title that we want to trace, change to a 740

[Fine Arts video]  b CSUN b RESARTS b ARTS k VIDEO h [LC call no.] p [barcode]
[Fine Arts DVD]   b CSUN b RESARTS b ARTS k DVD h [LC call no.] p [barcode]

*[Media Library video]    b CSUN b RESARTS b ARTS k VIDEO h [CMM #] p [barcode] 
*[Media LIbrary DVD]    b CSUN b RESARTS b ARTS k DVD h [CMM #] p [barcode]
Note: the Media items will retain the LC Call no. in  050 or 090 tags, but in the 852, use the CMM # 
see below for additional item info to be added next day

Add VIDEO or DVD above the call no. 

A.  Additional Steps for Media Library materials:

  1. For Media Library materials, the barcode and 2 call number labels will be attached to flyer,. The CMM number will be circled in red either on the attached ACQ printout, or flyer.
  2. Next day -- On GEAC in ITEM UPDATE
  3. RH will walk the materials over to the Media Library and place the items on a desginated shelf. Media Library Staff will do the physical processing of the materials, and are responsible for adding the information from GEAC to the Media Library Catalog.
B. Additional Steps for Fine Arts Materials - All Processing to be done in Tech. Services.

     Spine label will be put on the front of the case, in the bottom left hand corner (as is done on books with narrow spines)
     3M Security Hub Markers (small donuts) will be placed in the center of the DVD.
     Write CSUN and the call number on the security "donut".
     Attach CSUN property stamp labels on the case where there's room

NOTE:  Duplicate Video/DVD bib records in Advance.
These are cases where there is already a short record in Advance for a Media Library video with a CMM accession number, and we have obtained a second copy, assigning it an LC call number on a full MARC record.  This results in two Advance records for the two copies of the same video.

After lengthy consultation with Jina and Eric, weve agreed to combine the copies onto one bib record, the full MARC record, and delete the short Media Library bib record.  Database Maintenance will handle these as they come up, so if you notice any such dup video titles, please notify JoAnn or Diane.

We will move the Media Library copys barcode to the full MARC record, keeping its accession number and the special circ code and status used by the Media Library, and delete the short Media Library record.  If that short Media Library record has any special notes that our MARC record doesnt, well add the notes to the MARC record.  Our MARC record will keep its LC call no. in the 050 or 090.

So what you will see is one bib record with multiple copies of the video.  We are not going back and pulling any Media Library videos to add a LC call no. label at this stage. (as of 3/6/02)

EXAMPLE: (The following record has one video with an accompanying guide that has been cataloged, and a duplicate video that was not )

Local Control #      :10902138                                                  Number of holdings :3
CALL NUMBER     :E185.625 .B555 1995
AUTHOR               :Jones, Bill T.
TITLE                    :Black is-- black ain't [videorecording] : a personal journey
                              through black identity /
IMPRINT               :San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, c1995.

     --------- --------- ----------    ----------------         --------------
   1.ARTS      108827865 BOOK NOLOAN  85931 guide                    Ask at the Desk
   2.ARTS      108329193 VIDEO NOLOAN  83638                            Ask at the Desk
   3.ARTS      108827758 VIDEO NOLOAN  85931                            Ask at the Desk

Additional examples of Media holdings

1)  4 volume Video set
Local Control # :10912594                                Number of holdings :4
 CALL NUMBER     :TD791 .O97 2001
 AUTHOR          :Sutherlin, John W.
 TITLE           :Our urban environment [videorecording] : solid waste management /
 IMPRINT         :Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities and Sciences, c2001.
  --------- --------- ----------    ----------------         --------------
   1.ARTS      108828970 VIDEO NOLOAN  85948 v.1                Ask at the Desk
   2.ARTS      108828988 VIDEO NOLOAN  85949 v.2                Ask at the Desk
   3.ARTS      108828996 VIDEO NOLOAN  85950 v.3                Ask at the Desk
   4.ARTS      108829002 VIDEO NOLOAN  85951 v.4                Ask at the Desk

 JW/gh    3/6/02

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