prickly pear cactus


3rd Annual


Tuscon, Arizona 

Feb. 21-22, 2004


       Saturday Morning - 10 am - Desert Middle School, Sports Field 

Steve browses thru the book Rich
received during the Indian Kite trip.

Richard handed out Indian fighters from India.

Baby fighters from India were
handed out too.

Scott test flies one of his newest

Doody takes Michelle's photo while she takes

                     Group Photo

Scott (in the middle) watches Johnny & Steve
 warm up their kites.

Doody & Johnny warm up
while Steve (middle) looks on.

Winners of the Tucson Fighter Competition
holding their ribbons and trophies (L-R):
Scott -3rd; Steve - 1st; Johnny - 2nd

Saturday night dinner - mmmm-delicious!


    Sunday morning - 11 am - Lincoln Park

Michelle shows Joseph how to attach
the line.

Can I touch it?
Doody's grandson is learns fast!

Johnny shows Joe how to launch the kite.

Michelle's personnal assistant has the hang of it.

Joe likes to help with the line too.

Three fighters in the sky.

Future competitors -- Watch out!

Johnny plays with his new manjha.

   Heading Home - Sunday Afternoon - Scottsdale 

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