Tucson, Arizona - February 15-16, 2003

NAFKA's 2nd Annual WinterFunSunFighterFly

First things first! Bruce is showing the kites that will be raffled off Saturday evening.
Here's the Hendrix kite from Mathais (from Germany)

Next, here's Chuck's World Cup champion fighter replica. (Scott looks interested in this one) 

Here's Ralph's kite (all the way from Israel), done in an African motif

And the reel to go with the beautiful kite. (Jay makes a nice assistant.)

How many raffle entries should we buy? 
Johnny's thinking about it, while Woody has his $$ ready

Recognize Bruce on that kite? Donna is holding the kite up, while Mathais is standing 
behind her. Didn't he do a great job!

Woody and Joan passing out the name tags.

Woody and Gina show off their kites. Woody got one from Ralph and one from Mike. Gina received one from Mike. 
And Dabs (Carol) got a kite from Rich.

Johnny admiring Woody's new kite from Ralph.                                   Photo by Mathais

Doody is busy signing a Kite shirt for me.  This shirt will be put in the Kite Raffle 
organized by D.I. at the end of the year.

Skylar, Shelly and Seth.                                                                        Dave and Teresa

Johhny flying against Jay                                                               Photo by Mathais

Ken Imoehl flying against Johnny.

Close up of the Trophies made by Kathy Bell                                                            Photo by Dabs

Winners of the Stafford Standoff: (L-R) 1st - Johnny, 2nd - Steve, 3rd - Jay. 
The unique Gourd trophies were made by Jay's wife, Kathy.

Steve, Gabe and Richard are trying to make Dave's Bruhzilian kite. 
Johnny, Woody & Mathais are at the table behind them. 

Dave explains what the clothes pins are for.

Skylar is getting his supplies to make a kite too.

Good job with the clothes pins!                                                       Photo by Mathais


Raffle kites displayed at the Mexican restaurant where we all went for dinner Saturday night.

 Seth is learning from watching Chuck and Bruce during the line touch competition.

Mathais received the award for traveling the farthest to join in the fighter sun
fun. He came all the way from Stuttgart, Germany! 

Kite pasted to the screen - Skills event                                              Photo by Mathais

Johnny & Steve fly in the Knocking the Cups off the Poles - Skills event. With a 2 minute
time limit - Johnny knocked off 8, Steve knocked off 7.                         Photo by Mathais

Pima Air & Space Museum

Johnny, Rich and Scott chekcing out a helicopter at the entrance to the museum.

Great looking fighter!

 Air Force 1 used during JFK's Presidency.

Scott, Michelle & Johnny

Gina & Michelle and a Blue Angels plane.

Sedona, AZ

For More photos visit Dabs site

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