Past AKA Champions


The following AKA Members were First Place Winners of the Fighter Kite Line Touch Competitions held during the American Kitefliers Association's Annual Convention. 

See Fighter Champs for additional information on the AKA Winners and other Fighter Competition winners. 

YEAR Competition & 1st Place Winner
Novice Skills - Vaino Roun
Novice Line Touch - Larry Stiles
Experienced Skills - Woody Woods
Experienced Line Touch - Pierre Gregorie
Buka - Woody Woods
*2002  Novice Precision - Steve Letauron
Novice Line Touch - Lisa Willoughby 
Experienced Precision - Mike Coons
Experienced Line Touch - Mike Coons
*2001 Novice Skills - Robert Woods
Novice Line Touch - Glenn Davison
Experienced Skills - Andrew Selzer
Experienced Line Touch - Andrew Selzer
*2000 Novice Precision - Glenn Davison
Novice Line Touch - Carl Anderson
Experienced Precision - Mike Coons
Experienced  Line Touch - Steve Bateman
*1999 Novice Skills- Dave Young 
Novice Line Touch - Dave Young
Experienced Skills - Nelson Borelli
Experienced Line Touch - Steve Bateman 
Masters Line Touch - Bruce Lambert
Kitemaking - Gordon Shmidt
*1998  Novice Skills - Jeannette Mandanas
Novice Line Touch -  Al Councilman
Experienced Skills - Brian Johnsen
Experienced Line Touch - Jeff MacInnis
1997 Richard Gareau
1996  Johnny Hsiung
1995  Stafford Wallace 
1994  Joe Schiros 
1993  Joe Vaughn 
1992  Rick Roberts 
1991  Rick Roberts 
1990  Robert Loera 
1989  Joel Scholtz 
1988  Robert Loera 
1987  Robert Loera 
1986  Robert Loera 
1985  Robert Loera 
1984  Robert Loera 
The 1984 AKA Convention, held in Nashville, Tenn., was the first convention that two categories of fighter competitions were recognized. 
One was for "Style and Grace" (Ballet) and the other, a Fighter challenge. 
Robert Loera won both of those events. 
* Beginning with the 1998 convention, the AKA added
Additional Categories and Levels of Experience 
to the fighter competitions.  See Fighter Champs for more info.

Fighter Champs 
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