Seal Beach Kite Festival

Sept. 2003

Fighter Kites! 10am. Demo Field

[From the Program Schedule]

Steve Bateman and his fighter kite club demonstrate the ancient art of flying Fighter Kites.

Master of ceremonies, Glen Rothstein, Regional Director of the AKA,
started the show with an introduction and explanation of the demonstration.

Warming up before the match


12 yr old Alex Herzog, stunt kite champion, has started to fly fighters
so he and Scott start off the round robin.


Next up, Alex and Mitch


Catch the Tail Contest! (For the kids)

Rakesh of Santa Barbara flew an Indian Fighter Kite with a long tail,
and the kids ran around the field trying to catch the tail!
This was done with several different age groups throughout the day so
many children were able to participate and have a chance to win.

Way too old to play!! Johnny helps to launch the kite instead.

Michelle (in pink) caught the tail!

Basir, Rakesh and Johnny take a moment to pose.

Michelle, Mojda and Masir: Making and flying their kites

Michelle and Mojda pose with Miss Teen Seal Beach.

Japanese Kite on display. The kite maker/artist being interviewed by a Japanese journalist.

More Japanese Kites on display.

Steve has a turn with the microphone. Watch Out Rich!!

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