SDKC's Annual New Year's Celebrations

Fighter Kite Competition - New Year's Eve Day - Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

group of fliers for the fighter competition
Group Photo: Back Row (L-R): Doody, Daryld, Mitch, Walt, Greg
Front Row (L-R): Johnny, Steve, Charlie, Alex, Eric


Steve, Mitch & Charlie

Steve & Mitch

Johnny & Doody

Doody relaxing in between matches

Johnny tries to enter the comp flying a plastic bag.  

BTW - if you like his T-shirt,
the graphic was designed by Tom Humphrey.
Visit CafePress to get one for yourself.

Checking out Doody's new kites

Megan having her first lesson with fighters.

Megan & Michelle


Winners of the fighter comp: 2nd Johnny, 1st Steve, 3rd Mitch

Gina flying a kite??
[David Gomberg not only got me to fly a kite, but also managed to snap a picture too.]

Now what's David doing?

2004 New Year's Day - Mariner's Point (Mission Valley), San Diego, CA

Happy New Year!!  
Bruce Woods gives Johnny this snazzy fighter...Watch out!

Johnny's green fighter and Doody's red fighter
play under the big kite.

Doody & Steve

David Gomberg tries out Johnny's kite

(L-R) Michelle and Megan.
Megan's holding the red and clear "McFireFly" Kite made by Terry McPherson.
 (Gina won it in the fighter-list raffle Dec. 2003)

Hang'n upside down

Megan and Michelle pose.

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