The fighter review on this page was written by Brent Johnson of Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Butterfighter by Joel Scholz

The Butterfighter is certainly the largest of my fighter kites and the
most complex to assemble on the field. Joel has done his homework with this
one folks.....the kite is over 2 ft tall and almost 3 ft wide at the wing tips.
This might seem an exaggeration when you see the kite. Trust me on this
one, it takes up alot of sky!! The kite's wings fold and flap with each pull
and tug of the line. This to me is exciting as the kite takes on life! the colors
are truly magnificent in the sky.
Please note use heavy! 10 lb. min. tensile strength with this kite as it allows for
better control and recovery in dives.
When I first flew my butterfighter, it had a rubber nose for protection
against driving it point first into the ground [lost it!] and soon broke the
delicately curved center spar [damn!]
Luckily, Joel had the presence of mind to include a spare spar and I was
up and away shortly thereafter.... a word on assembly of this kite:  PLEASE! be
very careful and read the instructions included!  They will help you from
becoming confused [as I often do -never do read instructions ] the large wing
spars can and do become crossed. Mine is an earlier version  and I subsequently revamped
the large o ring which holds the wing spars and center spars together with
one of my daughters hair bands....ain't being a parent lovely! hah!] any ways this
kite will do everything you ask of it and more....
The first time I flew it I caused a major sensation it will go into
a dive, deceptively quick!, and just as quickly, tah-dah!, turn its nose up and
streak [remember this is a large fighter kite] into the  heavens!

Bring lots of fighter needs lots of room to maneuver! bring a
chair and a bottle of water as you will be answering questions from just about
everybody and his neighbor about your kite.
This kite attracts attention like nothing else I fly....maybe its the
butterfly motif, maybe its the colors [reminiscent of the NBC peacock] I don't know? people
just want to see it up close.
One small complaint, remember that mine is a much earlier
version than those sold today,  Joel made the bridle with a nylon rope [for lack of a
better description] it can and will slip....change the bridle by moving
the tow point back
about a 1/2 inch and tie, knot, use wax whatever suits your fancy and fly
to your
hearts content. I found that in the bridle setting this kite can be tuned
for sunday warrior or gee whiz folks that's a pretty kite that does interesting
tricks...mark your bridle... you'll need it as the kite just begs for experimentation.
Love the kite Joel. See you on the field!


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