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Some of the kites listed below are no longer available, but retained for historical purposes.   Last update Sept. 2003.

Vic's Fighters

The Vic's Fighter Kite was orginally designed for the ultimate sport of kite dueling, in which you use sharp cutting line but now is redesigned to satisfy the need of all fliers and with no compromises. The kite's designer, Vic Heredia, owns the store, Kite Country, in San Diego, CA . The kite is made of mylar with a spruce spine and fiberglass cross spar. These kites are hard to find, even Vic doesn't always have them in his store. Some of the most popular of his kite's graphics (they've become collector items) are the Bumble Bee, Lightening bolt, Supercharger, and "I Love San Deigo".

Fighter Kites Australia

Peter Lloyd of Australia made the PL Indian fighter for several years and they are similar in construction to the George Peters fighter. They are all the standard 29" x 25" size, and come with a fully custom tapered fiberglass bow. In addition to his FKA Basic (a combination of shapes within a diamond insert) and the Diamond Delight (3 diamonds in contrasting colours), his two newest graphics are the "Warrior" and the "Eye". He has just added a new kite design to his collection called the "Ninja" which is styled after the Japanese Hata kite.  As of Sept. 2003, kites from Fighter Kites Australia are no longer available.    

Tony Slater's Fighters

Tony Slater resides in England. He has at least 10 (ten) designs. Johnny was lucky to get several of these kites from Don Mock of Washington. Tony's kites include: Butterfly, Fighter Fish, Bombay fighter and Star. They are made of spray-painted mylar with bamboo spine and fiberglass spar. His kites are all fast and responsive, good for the experienced flyer.


Grandmaster fighters merit special recognition for their original art images, but the real joy is in flying them. They are a nice blend of the traditional indian fighter with high-tech materials. Made from mylar, with fiberglass rod spar and bamboo spine, it is so aerodynamically sound that it can also be flown indoors with out wind. The kite comes in two models, Competition and Fast. If you are interested in this kite, contact Joe Vaughan at Grandmaster Kite Co., P.O. Box 276, Mifflinville, PA 18631.

Merlin Kites

These kites are produced by Martyn Lawrence in Wales, U.K. The Merlin fighters are built for performance and durability, made from ripstop nylon on a handworked bamboo spine with fiberglass spars. There are several different versions that differ in size, the Scamp ( 57 x 52 cm.), Dancer (60 x 55 cm.), Scout (66 x 59 cm.), and the newest, the Tyke. All come with an additional shorter 2nd spar. Martyn can be reached at 3, Britannia St., Rachub, Bethesda, Gwynedd LL57 3EW, Wales U.K.


These fighters are made by Gary Smith from Puffin Kites in Washougal, Washington. Theses kites are delta shaped and made of nylon ripston with a laminated spine and fiberglass spar. These kites are fast and very responsive. 

Black Feather

Dale Vanderhoof, in Weed, California, made three different styles, the VIP, the Black Feather, and the Patung. They have a "feather design" vented panel, which makes these kites good for flying in higher winds. They are made with ripstop nylon, spruce pine, fiberglass spar, and also include a 2nd spar.


Randy Shannon, Zealous Kites & Banners, in Flagstaff, Arizona  has several fighters that he has designed. His most popular one is the "Bee". There is also the Swallow Tail, Z-Fighter and, a new design, the "Shark" purchased by Steve Davis from the San Diego Kite Club.

Gumbo Fighters

John (Gumbo) Gardina, from Oxnard, California, has been making fighters for about three years now. Three of his kites are titled Bumble Bee, Sunset, and Green Hornet. Close up of the Bee. Another, "Revs under the Sun" incorporates an image of the popular quadline kite, the Revolution, under the sun. His designs are painted with a product from Design Master, it is a paint used by florists to paint ornamental flowers. His next project is making a large Afghani fighter out of ripstop nylon.

Spencer Chun's Fighters

Spencer Chun and Miyuki Christiansen, kite makers for 13 years, are located in Hawaii. Their fighters are of the Hata Design made of ripstop, fiberglass spars and laminated spines (made by Jim Day of Washington). They use South Pacific and Southwestern graphics appliqued on the sails. Spray painted panels are incorporated into the design to add dimension and color variation. According to Spencer: "These are your *Artsie-Fartsie* kites, most buyers end up hanging them on their walls, but of those who do fly their kites, say they do what they are supposed to do.

Don Mock Fighters

Don Mock, of Washington, known for his beautiful large kites, has also been making fighters for several years now. They are very popular in England, where they are sold at the HighwayMen Kite Store.

Richard Gareau's Fighters

Richard Gareau, from Quebec, Canada, designed a fighter, which he previewed at the Oct. '96 AKA Convention, and won third place in the Fighter Competition using his kite. The Patang Fighter is now in production and features a Nylon sail, micro carbon bow, and adjustable bridle. The Patang Extreme is basically the same, but comes with a stiffer bow. Visit the Fighter Spotlight and read more about Richard.

MAC Fighters

MAC Fighter Kites, made by Malcolm McLeod in the UK,  are very fast Nylon Fighter Kites with exceptional spin rates, easily comparable to the best traditional Indian paper kites with the added strength and durability of bonded rip-stop nylon. Available in three sizes - Mini, Midi and Mega.
Read a Review of the MAC Fighter. Visit the MAC Fighter site and read more about these kites.

Dragonfly Fighters

Dragonfly Kites is a kiteshop operated by Tom Humphrey in Washington.  He has designed two fighters which are now available. The Orcon Dragonfly Fighter is a  light-wind competition fighter, and the Tyvek Dragonfly Fighter is a competition kite that is also well suited for the beginner. Both kites are made with a carbon fiber bow and bamboo spine.

  Sky Delight Kites

Sky Delight Kites by Joel Scholz carries several fighters worth having in your collection. They offer two new fighters, the "Piranha" and "Piranha-bait", with laser cut sails on space age frames, which result in superb handling characteristics. Responsive, fast and extremely durable, these kites offer
competition quality performance and unmatched beauty. Joel's Butterfighter has a laser cut, ripstop nylon sail with fiberglass and hardwood frame.

PKC Fighters - Jeff Howard
PKC (Precision Kite Company) Fighters designed by Jeff Howard are showcased on the Gone With the Wind Kite Store site. Jeff has six different fighters (all made from modern materials: carbon rods, nylon, icarex, etc.), the Patchwork, Z fightersIndoor (quite popular), Suns, Standard, Birds.  Jeff's workmanship is superior, he started with Stunt Kites, and branched out into fighters as well. Read a review of Jeff's kites written by Allen Carter.

  For 2002

Aerostar Sportkites - Paul Shirey

Paul Shirey, owner, designer and builder of Aerostar Sportkites, has been known for his production of ultra-light dual-line sport kites for the past 8 years. Now Paul has developed an interest in flying fighters, and has designed his first Aerostar fighter, called the Stryke. The classic Indian fighter kite goes high-tech, constructed from modern materials and features a unique tuning system. Appeals to both novices and experts. The workmanship and attention to detail are also finished at a very high level, reasonably priced. [Note from the builder: The Stryke page was updated to include a picture of each of the five available sail options. Keep in mind that these photos are for reference only.  As with all Aerostar kites,  you get to choose your own colors at no extra                   charge! ]

KiteSport - Tom Mallard

Tom Mallard, a former partner with Kathy Goodwind from Gasworks Kiteshop in Seattle, has started KiteSport again and is making fighters for anyone interested. They have aspect ratios similar to Nagasaki Hatas and a curved nose and tail like Indian fighters. The curved nose helps being able to self-launch after a crash. Tom uses fiberglass two-piece bows, the second strut is for stronger winds. Flying with both emulates a tapered bow. The covers are either 1/2-oz or 3/4-oz and I use warp and weft to reduce stretch along the lines of tension. To help with this he adds a circle of cloth with it's warp/weft at 45-degrees to the cover as an applique. This makes the kites have this distinctive look. Tom has three aspect ratios available, from a light wind model to a small fast one based on a design he did for a Fort Worden class in the late 80's.More details on online at

 Roo Fighters - Joseph Ludwig

Joe Ludwig has been making the Roo Fighters for one year, and figures that there are now more than a 100 Roo's out there. He's got two styles, the Roo Standard and the Roo-II which both have the special feature of an Adjustable Spine Bow mechanism. The  Roo Standard is 16-3/4”high x 18-1/2”wide, .05 Carbon Bow, .06 Fiberglas spine, the main sail PC-31, Reinf. polyester or nylon; with a 3-pt adjustable polyester bridle, Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced. The Roo-II is for Intermediate to Advanced levels of flying.
Contact Joe for more info at:

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