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 Part 9

Avi Kite Festivals 1991997 & 1998

1997 - Group photo of fliers and their kites.
  7 & 1998

Close up of Johnny & Basir with their fighters.

Randy Shanon & his "Run for the Border" (made from Taco Bell's burrito wrappers)  kite. 

November 1998

The unique graphic fighter kites made by Anthony Howell.Shown here by:
L-R: Basir, Johnny, Steve Bateman, Walter Thompson, and Rick Miller.

Michelle (front) and Ramsay Shannon (back) play with Scott
Hampton's black & white stripped kite tails attached to banner poles.

Johnny with a Tukkal kite.

            Allen Stroh and David Bui (who passed away in 7/99 and will be missed!)
            are trying their hand at fighters in the light wind.
            [Colorado river and the Nevada mountain range in the background] Photo by Robert Horton.

The following photos were taken by Allen Stroh.

Johnny and Basir
Basir and several of his original 
Afghani Fighters.


Steve Bateman, Johnny and Bruce Lambert

Steve Bateman  &  kite
Scott Skinner's 
"Big Fighters" 
Back view of the 
The lack of wind provided a beautiful 
ground display for all the spectators to enjoy! 

The two Kites: King of Diamonds and 
Queen of Hearts were made by 
Larry Mixon. 

                            Still waiting for the wind.
Scott Hampton's banners

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