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 Part 8

1998 Washington State International Kite Festival

Dennis Crowley (WA) sorting thru his fighter kites. 
Participants of the "Hot Dog" Competition. Kites could not be larger than 12 inches, hince...the foot long terminology. L-R: Chuck Lund, Dennis Crowley, Ron Lowry, Johnny Hsiung - 1st place winner [notice the "Hot Dog" medal around his neck], Richard Hurd, Bruce Lambert. 

Jeff MacInnis with one of his 1st place kites. 
Lotus handpainted on silk.
The "Silohuett" fighter made by Jeff MacInnis. 
It's Small and extremely fast! 

The "Seniors", before the competition starts.
Last year's winner is laying down.

Johnny & Michelle with his new 
 Fighter, "Piranna Bait" made by
Joel Scholz (Sky Delight Kites).
Richard Hurd with Johnny and Michelle

1st Annual Conrad Cup Buka Fighter Kite Challenge
L-R: Ken Conrad, Jordan Mandanas, Kevin MacInnis, Gary Goodenough, Gopal, Johnny,
Dennis (in back), Richard Hurd, Jim Wilson, Chuck Lund. Kneeling: Bruce Lambert.

Bruce Lambert
Winner of the Buka Competition.
Trophy made by Dennis Crowley.

1998 WSIKF Fighter Group.

The Winners, L-R: 2nd-Jeff MacInnis, 1st-Johnny, 
3rd-Bruce Lambert.
Celebration dinner at the Salmon tent, Richard presents Johnny with a trophy. Richard made the trophy from wood and stained glass. 

More Kites filling the skies during the festival. 

Michelle, age 5

Jeff MacInnis, Michelle, Johnny and Kevin MacInnis

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