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Part 7 - Collections / Exhibitions / Etc.

These Fighters were included in an Exhibition of Kites in Utah, curated by Scott Hampton.
Top Row L-R: Tony Slater's Butterfly, a Robert Trepanier fighter, a Spencer Chun fighter , Kai Grebienow's Orchid, Johnny Hsiung's fighter, (Half-hidden) Frank Schweinmann's Bat fighter. Bottom Row, L-R: Scot Hampton's bug, Peter Lloyd's Ninja, Kai Grebienow's "Cutter", Randy Shannon's bug, a Hashimoto Bee, and another bug by Scot Hampton.

More examples of Indian Fighter Kites displayed in the
World Kite Museum,
Long Beach, WA during WSIKF '96.

Fighter Kites from Thailand (on the left) and Japan (on the right) are from the exhibit in
the World Kite Museum during WSIKF '96.

Nagasaki Hatas in the Kite Exhibit in the World Kite Museum.
Below the kites is a Scarf depicting all the different Nagaskai Hatas patterns made.
These types of scarfs are usually folded and tied around the head of the Fighter flier.

Photo, scanned from an old GrandMaster's Brochure, displays all the different GrandMaster Fighters which were available. 
(Brochure dated 1977) 

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