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Part 6

16th Annual WSIKF - August 1997

Johnny, Robert Loera, Fern, Richard Gareau, Brian Johnsen
Johnny and Brian were flying their fighters during this photo moment.

Nick, Michelle and Chris assembling Roks.

Ty Billings & Karen Gustavson.

Scott Hampton 
with his Bug Kite.

Michelle in the display by Wolfgang and Constanze Grimsel of Germany.

Corey Jensen and Michelle 
in the Kite Museum. 
Corey is trying very hard to get Michelle to help him make a kite.
Seniors who participated in the 
"Senior's Fighter Games". 
Front Row (L-R): Howard Gordon, Dan Nydegger, Dennis Crowley, Kirby Holt, Bob Farmer, Jerry Dines. 
Back Row (L-R): Bruce Lambert, Chuck Lund, 

Flyers who participated in Saturday's Fighter Competition.

Back Row (L-R): Ed Alden, Dan Nydegger, Steve Macchia, ?
Middle Row (L-R): Richard Hurd, Brian Johnsen, Jeff MacInnes, Fern, Jim,
Ron Lowry, Dennis Crowley, Steve Millspaugh, ?, Steve Wong, Robert Loera.
Front Row (L-R): Dan Schwank, Gopal Das, Richard Gareau, Johnny Hsiung.

The Winners (L-R): 
Gopal - 2nd
Richard - 1st
Johnny - 3rd

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