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Part 3

3rd Annual Afghani Fighter Competition, March 1996. Early arrivals posing in Basir's tent. In the back: Basir's younger brother; Middle L-R: Yves, [?], Hans. Front: Johnny & Basir.
Seiko Nakamura, a famous Kitemaker from Nagasaki, Japan, and his wife, were guests at WSIKF '95. Pictured here with them is Johnny and the kite he purchased from Mr. Nakamura. This kite includes a "hummer" attachment.
Back view of the kite showing bambo work. 
Our daughter, Michelle (3 yrs old) trying to launch a "Swallow Tail" fighter made by Randy Shannon, (owned by Charlie M'Clary).
Charlie M'Clary, known as the KYTEBUM, with a "Black Feather" at Santa Barbara.

On the left: Paul Imbach and Johnny practicing (or playing), halo reels lying at their feet. On the right: their fighters in the sky. Johnny's kite is the Vic's Lightening bolt, Paul's kite is the Vic's Red Arrow (Redondo Beach, CA - 1991) Richard Hurd (WA) holding an Indonesian fighter.
Here we are, Johnny and Gina Hsiung at WSIKF '95

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