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  So. Cal.  Fighter  Flys  -  2001

Charlie and Steve holding several of Charlie's kites.
Mitch is in the background.


Sunday, Jan. 14th, 2001
It was a fantastic day for Santa Monica Beach, highs in the 60's, nice breeze, large open spaces to fly. We were settled on the beach, north of the pier, which is the same location used by the AKA's 1996 Santa Monica Convention (some of you may remember this spot). Steve was there at 10 am, we arrived by 11, and the matches started soon thereafter. The six guys flew Round Robin, the flier with the most points at the end was "winner".

Observations: Mitch did indeed dig himself into the sand. He had quite a trench going for his feet <BG>
Charlie tested all the kites in his bag, using a different kite each time he flew a new match.
Steve and Johnny had fun with their competitive, inches-above-the ground spins. Of course, Johnny was way out over the short fencing that is used to separate the beach from the bike path, so the spectators on bikes and roller blades had a great view from their side <G>

I had a nice time chatting with all the guys there, and it was especially good to see Dorine and Paul Imbach again after such a long time. Later in the afternoon, Dorine got out a few chinese silk kites that she'd bought (one from ebay), and was testing their flying ability.

After the round robin, everyone just had fun flying and practicing. Johnny brought out his Hong Kong pants and reel for show-and-tell. Michelle dug another hole to China, and the afternoon ended sometime around 4pm.


Here's Johnny and his friend Asif repairing a fighter,
while a little puppy watches them.
March 25th, Del Mar Beach

Fliers who attended this event in beautiful Del Mar were: Bruce Lambert, Donna, Steve B., Tom, Scott Bogue, Johnny, Asif Zaheer and David Tan.

This is one of the few So. Calif. beaches that allows dogs on the beach without leashes. Needless to say, the dogs had a great time  swiming in the surf, chasing the fighter kites that flew, and making land mines all over the sand. 
Watch Out!! Seaweed clumps and Doggie number 2.

The fliers had to deal with the dogs (all sizes), clumps of dried seaweed on the sand, volleyball players and those distracting sun bathers, as they flew in a round-robin competition. 

1st place  - Bruce
2nd place - Johnny
3rd place - Steve 


Tom showing off one of his handmade 
fighters with a hot pink elephant graphic.

A local San Diego T.V. News Channel sent a reporter and cameraman down to Del Mar to film a segment on Fighter 
Kiting for the evening sports segment. 
Here the cameraman is putting a mike on Tom, who volunteered to be the "judge" during the mock fights that they filmed.
Donna playing around with the mike when the reporter wasn't looking. After we took this picture, we noticed that she had the mike up-side down, oops!



Asif against Steve

Charlie flying against Mitch. 

May 20th, Belmont Shore in Long Beach

We made our way to Long Beach, and spotted Steve and Scott out on the sand. Charlie, Joanne, and Mitch arrived a few minutes after us, and a little while later Asif and his family drove up.

Steve had picked an excellent location this time. Restrooms close by, and No Dogs!! We had the beach pretty much to ourselves for the entire day.
There were 6 competitors for the Round Robin line touch competiton.

1st  place - Johnny
2nd place - Asif
3rd place -  Steve 


Johnny flying his favorite mylar kite.

Asif with Indian reel tucked under arm.

Charlie positioning himself in the sand.

Michelle and Aliya digging in the sand.

One lone Kite/Board surfer out on the water. 

Doing what kids love best - - GETTING WET !!
Those of us who didn't fly were able to relax and visit. 

We walked down to the water's edge with the kids a few times,
collected rocks and shells, and watched the kite surfers when the
winds picked up in the afternoon. 

By 3 pm, Charlie, Joanne, Mitch and Steve all packed up and left.
Asif and Johnny continued with impromptu fights for another hour or so. 
We finally called it a day by 5 pm.  The kids were exhausted and filthy, it was definitely time to hit the road. 

Another Great day at the beach!!

Oct. 14th, Seal Beach, CA
The Fighter Fly was held on Sunday, Oct. 14th at Seal Beach, in conjunction with the two day kite festival put on by the UP UP & AWAY KITE CLUB and a So Cal. Sport Kite League event  (sponsored by Air Affaire Productions). 

This year's 2 day event was one of the larger kite festivals Southern California has seen in the past 12 years.

Highlights: David & Susan Gomberg of Gomberg Kite Productions flew several huge kites both days. 
J.R. Tolman helped children make Japanese Kimono Kites.
Bob Harris and Jennifer Synder from Northern Calif., displayed their beautiful banners.

Scott Bogue adjusting one of his fighters

Steve, with buka, and Scott get ready to tangle.

Round Robin match, Scott has Steve down on his knees.

Then Asif against Steve

Of course going to the beach provided ample opportunities for the kids to play in the sand and get wet. 
Michelle and Robert Bogue showing off shells they found.

The Sundowners performed  several different ballets with sport kites thoughout the day. 

After the Round robin, the four guys decided to try 
something new, all 4 put up their kites, and the designated 
flier called out either under or over, based on his own
preference. Needless to say, they had loads of laughs, and
plenty of tangled lines. Read more about this game.

One last dip in the water before heading home.

Next event is scheduled for December 2, 2001, Silver Strand Beach, San Diego.

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