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Pismo Beach - October 2000
This was Pismo Beach's First Kite Festival, which was held during the Annual Clam Festival.

The winds were quite strong, cancelling several of the scheduled events, including the Cutting Line competition. There were more people on the wharf  for the Clam Festival, than down on the beach for the Kite Festival.

Rakesh and his wife came down from Santa Barbara to help with the running of the events.
There were several of the famous "Tail Grabs" for the kids, but there just weren't enough kids to exhaust all the donated prizes.

Johnny had a chance to model the pants he bought from Alfred Lee, at the Taipei World Cup weekend. Maneuvering the reel like the Hong Team proved more difficult than Johnny realized, he definitely needs more practice. [grin] 

Johnny wearing Alfred's pants.

He's trying to get the reel going.
The Hong Kong Team makes it look so easy.
Rakesh flying an Indian paper Kite with a crepe paper tail for the Kid's Tale grab event.
One of the large kites is being taken down.

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