Part 13

Manjha in OZ - Byron Bay

The following photos and recap of the Fighter Kite Fly at Byron Bay were gracisouly provided by Peter Stauffer (aka P-air).
Note:There will be more photos added soon.
This event took place May 6 - 7, 2000 at Byron Bay, which is located in the top corner of New South Wales, the furthest point east of the OZ mainland.
Half of the clubhouse where we stayed for $10AUD per night.
There are two league (flying) fields, one on either side of the clubhouse.

 John Gordon (right), fighting yours truly (left), with Grant Tozer (behind John)
ready to fight the winner and Mick Dunham (centre) returning with cut kites.

Michael with the kite he made the night before. He lost it in the first fight and it went
over a 3M high vine covered wire fence. He was half way over when he realised there
was barbed wire at the top. He then fell tearing his pants and cutting his leg.

No one person dominated the flying. At different times everyone had their moment where they had 3 to 6 cuts in a row then someone would work out a counter move. At the end we had an all in tangle (brawl), which Mick Ayo won and then he broke his line and let his kite fly free with the others.

What a great way to finish the last fight.

 Ceremonial burning of the Manjha after 2.5 days and over 250 tangles.
Left to Right Mick Ayo, Mick Dunham, Grant Tozer, John Gordon, P-air Stauffer.

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