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 Part 10

Washington State International Kite Festival '99

Th Buka 

Bruce, last year's winner and Johnny, this year's winner..


As you can see from these pictures, it was 
definitely an exciting match to watch. 

Photos by Howard Gordon.

                 Johnny practicing his low spins.                                                Photos by Sharon Musto.

Match between Steve Macchia (L) and 
Alex Gordon (R) 
Richard Hurd (R) as the Head Judge. 

Alex Gordon (L) is known for 
his facial expressions while fighting. 

  Photos by Howard Gordon. 



One of Johnny's fighting secrets: 

Distract your opponent with  a funny T-shirt.  

Photo by Sharon Musto. 

Best Pals, Bert and Ernie waiting for the wind. Kites from "Team No LImit" of Germany.

Line poppers in action.

First Place Winners of the 1999 WSIKF 
Fighter Kite Competition holding their trophies. 

Experienced - Bruce Lambert 
Novice - Tony Mitchum 


Bruce receiving his trophy from Richard.

And the "Experienced" Winners are: 
(L-R) 3rd-Jim Wilson, 2nd-Dennis Crowley, 1st- Bruce Lambert, Head Judge-Richard Hurd.

Here we are Saturday evening, 
after a long day of Fighter competitions, 
and it's time for a Salmon dinner. 
Yahoo! I don't have to cook tonight!! 
Of course, Michelle only wanted a corn dog. 

Johnny's sporting one of the worst cases of "raccoon eyes" he's ever had from a week at WSIKF. 

Photo by Karen Gustavson.

Visit NFKA's site for additional WSIKF '99 photos & Report.
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