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Part 1 - Here's just a small sampling of Fighter Friends and Kites from our many photo albums.

Dec. 31, 1995 - San Diego Kite Club's New Year's Eve Day Fighter Challege. Back row, L-R: (Judges and helpers) Mitch, Jason, Larry Mixon, Paul Imbach. Front row, L-R: Basir Beria (1st), Johnny Hsiung (2nd), Hans Braemer, Jr. (3rd)
April 20, 1996 - San Diego Kite Club's Fighter Challenge Winners, L-R: Johnny (1st), Dan Willan (2nd) with Head Judge, Vic Heredia (YES! maker of Vic's Fighters). Both Johnny and Dan flew a Vic's Fighter during the competition.

Four Musketeers at WSIKF '95 (L-R): Gophal Das (WA), Basir, Johnny, Robert Trepanier (Canada). Displaying two of Robert's fighters. 
Peter Lee (N.J.) getting pointers from Johnny for a really good "Combat" fighter.
Two Volunteer parking attendants pose with a group of Fighter kite enthusiasts at WSIKF '95 (L-R): (?), Basir, Larry Navaro, Jennifer Snyder, Johnny, Dale Vanderhoof, Corey Jensen, (?).

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