Modern Fighter Kites   

There are many, many kite makers out there producing fighters made with skins of Mylar or Icarex, Rip-stop Nylon, etc. and spars of balsa, carbon or graphite rods. Below is only a partial listing of kites and kite makers to look for:

Vic's Fighters / Vic Heredia (San Diego, CA)

Grandmasters (made in China/fiberglass rods)

Black Feather / Dale Vanderhoof (Weed, CA)

ButterFighter, Piranha & Piranha Bait fighters / Joel Scholz (SkyDelight Kites)

Fighter Kites Australia / Peter Lloyd (Victoria, Australia)

Orchid Fighter/ Kai Grebienow

Flew Man Chu, Pirate, Bat / Frank Schweimann of Germany

Mighty Mite / Tim Elverston (Air Jordan Kites) see KiteLines Magazine winter-spring 1996, v.11 no.4, p.17 for a review on this new kite

PK (Precision Kite) Fighters - Jeff Howard

Silouhette Fighters - Jeff MacInnis (Oregon)

Native Chickaee, Sunset Fighter - Adrian J. Pierorazio (Canada)

ConnectiKITER's Fighter Kite Workshop '97 - taught by Alice Hayden

Aerostar Sportkites - Stryke fighter by Paul Shirey.

Bateman Fighters - Steve Bateman

Lambert Fighters - Bruce Lambert

  KiteSport  - Tom Mallard

 Roo Fighters - Joseph Ludwig

For More detailed information on Fighter Kites and WHO makes them,
Please visit the following sections on  Kite Makers  and the Fighter Spotlight.

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